Possible MS.. For years I keep being re directed back to having MS?? Advice please

Hi everyone, For approx 8 years I’ve had sciatica and I am diagnosed with a worn disc in my lower back. Which causes permanent loss of feeling in my left leg. But I experience pins and needles all over my body… My hands and parts of my face mainly on the left side. I have constipation over the last few months. Suffering with on going ear problems which are diagnosed as inflammation to do with my rhinitis. I have frequent night sweats. I have memory loss of things to do and what I have done recently but I can remember long term. It’s so bad that my 6 year old daughter reminds me of things like passwords on the computer. Some days I feel like my whole body hurts and I feel so tired. When I do simple tasks like putting curtains up I have to stop as I get severe shooting pains in my arms mainly the left side still. I also get cramps in my hands. In general I am healthy I eat a good diet and used to be a gym freak but due to my back and my tiredness I barely go twice a week as I hurt too much. Simple things can be a chore for me. Just the over day I got a title stressed in my car and my eyes went blurry for a few minutes. I have noticed recently that my eyes can’t focus and some days I feel like I’m not even here (if that makes sense) just like everything is a blur… I don’t know if its my body going into shut down from feeling so fatigued. Some days I can feel fine for a few days then I can feel awful for days, is this a common symptom of MS? I am having physio for my legs and back which is making my symptoms worse . Physio are thinking of sending me to a neurologist. Thanks Nicola


Go and see your GP with a list of symptoms, may all be linked to your back but maybe not.

Some symptoms aren’t ms (I don’t think) like sweats, cramp, shooting pains down arms,ear problems (unless balance problems).

Hope you feel better soon,

Jen x