Possible ms but not diagnosed but have symptoms

I would like to know if there are any poeple on here that have symptoms,what they are ,and having trouble getting a diagnosis much appreciated :smile:

Sorry Claire, your query is so broad-based, it would be impossible for anyone to provide insight. MS is incredibly hard to diagnose because it is so varied. Have a read on MS Soc, MS Trust and NHS websites for starters and see what you recognise from your own symptoms.

Up to 10% of patients who have neurological symptoms together with positive neurological signs never get a diagnosis ie. a name for their condition, as there are some rare conditions, the brain and nervous system is very complicated, and the tests available have major limitations. MS is one that can take a while to diagnose, but does generally have a pattern that neurologists can eventually pick up, and tick the boxes to reach a diagnosis. Doesn’t mean that all those diagnosed with MS do have it, or that those who don’t get a diagnosis don’t have it. Only at autopsy can they really confirm the diagnosis.

Hi Claire, you might find it useful to read through the before and newly diagnosis topic. That said as pointed out MS has so many diagnosable symptoms, which only a neurologist can say with some certainty.

Are you experiencing some symptoms that you feel are MS or has it been suggested by a doctor, or indicated by a neurologist?

There are many limbo landers on this forum, so don’t feel you can’t share your experiences.

That’s a good phrase - to describe a horrible state.

Psychologically, it’s confusing for me. I didn’t want the diagnosis and after receiving the diagnosis, didn’t want to accept it. For a month or so (between a Neurologist’s pronouncement and the appointment with a MS specialist consultant), did nothing and had to be nudged by my wife to investigate what MS was. I’d previously been diagnosed for 8 years with something that would be treatable.

So it’s strange and uncomfortable to see people appear on a forum such as this, who have already registered and logged in, saying they think they might have MS. It’s not something I would wish on anybody. By all means, do your research. Am I alone in feeling this way?