Possible MS. Advice please!

:? Hello,
I’ve recently seen an opthalmologist at our local hospital, on referral from my optician via GP. He told me it was a strong possibility I may have MS.
I was tested for this around 10 years ago, with a neurologists appointment and subsequent MRI, which turned up nothing more than a Pineal Cyst, which I was assured was nothing to worry about.
I’ve had bladder problems since last November, on and off, and recently almost permanent tingling/buzzing/pins and needles in my right leg/foot, and the feeling of cold water running down both legs. I’ve got tinnitus in my right ear, have fatigue, problems with memory etc. BUT…all these things could be down to something else! My sister has MS, so it must be pretty unlikely? and whenever I’ve mentioned any symptoms to my GP they kind of shrug it off, presumably for that reason.
I’m waiting for a follow up from the eye dept, but wonder if in the meantime I should be looking at getting some health/illness insurance, but will there be anything on my notes now suggesting ms which may hamper my success? I’ve a mortgage and two kids, I’m not being mercenary!
Any help greatly appreciated, on any of the above!

Hello and welcome to the site :slight_smile:

To be honest, I don’t know very much at all about insurance etc. I have heard of someone who took out a policy as soon as symptoms started and the insurance company paid out. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the opposite too though. If I were you I would read all the small print very carefully so you don’t waste any money taking out a policy that will be void. (And check to see if any mention of possible MS has been made in writing anywhere.)

Your symptoms do sound consistent with MS. I’m guessing that the ophthalmologist noted problems with your optic nerve or something like that which is associated with MS. You’re right though, it might not be.

The fact that your sister has MS doesn’t actually make it less likely that you have it too though. It’s pretty accepted these days that there is a genetic factor to MS (along with lots of other factors). So the odds of you having MS are probably higher than normal, but it definitely doesn’t make it a certainty.

The reason that your GPs shrug it off is probably because, like the majority of GPs, they know very little about MS :frowning:

I think you really should be asking for a referral to see an MS specialist. Better to know for sure.

Karen x

Thanks for the reply.
I’m going to try to set up some insurance, I’m sure that would be sensible in my situation anyway, regardless.
I hate going to the doctor, I’ve had so much illness over the years, mostly dismissed by the GP’s, but generally resulting in emergency admission to hospital, emergency treatment/operations, but I guess I’m going to have to ‘man up’ here!
This is a great forum! Its nice to hear other peoples stories, but sad to hear of so much struggle to get diagnosed etc.
Thanks again