Possible causes

Yes I know nobody knows for certain what causes multiple schelsoris the cause is unknown. Again recently I have been thinking on the subject. What do you think could be potential issue? I have heard so many and read so much online. Just asking out what you all think it could be?

My top one is lack of the sun given it’s more common in northern hemisphere countries always hated the sun.

Been reading about this Epstein–Barr virus and glandular fever. I don’t know if is it but can’t remember if had glandular fever. I know about 98% of population does get it. That certain cells in the dormant virus become active in later life.

Smoking… I did smoke so another thought but they blame everything on it and can’t see all smokers.

Another article I read and something I question too is dentistry. That certain filling materials used in fillings in dentistry is a link. My teeth not great shape but do think when brushing them is this the reason.

Hereditary. I read online there isn’t a link but but was shocked to hear a specialist suggesting to me she thought it could be linked somewhere down the family tree. Years back the condition wasn’t diagnosised and treated as MS.

So what’s your thoughts? I know no one knows and no one has a cure but would love others with the condition to put what they feel it maybe.

I’ve never smoked.
I’ve never had glandular fever and was an avid sun worshipper from a young age, didn’t bother much with sunscreen back then either!
I’ve been told there’s a genetic predisposition, but that it’s not hereditary, although I know of a couple of mothers and daughters who both have it. None in my family background, but I’ve no close family. Maybe there’ll be an answer one day, hopefully along with an effective treatment or better still a cure

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Here’s what the main part of this MS Society site has to say.

The one it never lists among the many risk factors is sheer bad luck! I cannot help but think that it has a role to play too…


I can see that we probably need to know the cause before a cure is discovered, but won’t be holding my breath.

More evidence that EBV is the cause of MS (substack.com)


I’ve never had glandular fever. Was always outside in the fresh air and sunshine. My dad did have a brain tumour - so a neurological connection, and he did smoke so I would have been a passive smoker, plus smoking was always in the pubs and clubs.
But saying that - why did I get MS and my sister didn’t? we were both brought up in the same environment!


Why indeed? I think that’s where good or bad luck comes in. The risk factors estimate the starting prices, but how the horses run on the day is in the lap of the gods!


EBV seems to be the main culprit. And genetic susceptibility. Discussion here of two recent papers:

I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2020 and I live in a very northern part of Scotland where we have an exceedingly high number of cases of people on the island with MS.
I am also female and the number tends to be higher.
I also had glandular fever when I was a teenager.
I also have a few fillings in my teeth…Makes you wonder if there is a link indeed.
I don’t have any family on either side who have had it so it cant be hereditary for me.

I’m in the central belt of scotland and I’m aware we have a lot of people with MS here too. If you feel comfortable sharing, which island are you on? I was recently on Lewis and met 2 people who had family members with MS in the first hour i was there which was unexpected.

I’ve had glandular fever twice in my teens, grew up with parents who smoked, smoked for about 12 years myself too. No family history of MS.

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Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for sharing. I live in Orkney and the numbers here are incredibly high. My parents never smoked and neither have I. You wonder where the link is for everyone.

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I am a nurse and have worked nights for pretty much 20 years. Is there a link to low Vit d. I don’t know if I have had glandular fever

Good question, but the result is the same, so I am trying not to overthink it.

I have spent half of my life in the Mediterranean, then moved to England but I used to go back to Greece and Egypt, spending at least a month there every year. Plenty of sunshine.

I never smoked but everybody around me smoked during my childhood.

I had mono, once, just like the vast majority of the population.

I have an aunty with rheumatoid arthritis, and my grandad had Parkinson’s. They are autoimmune diseases. I have psoriasis and it runs in my family, from my mum’s side…

A possible culprit in my case is the fact that I developed a prolactinoma… that may have triggered the Optic Neuritis and the MS overall. There is some evidence linking the two.

There is also some… evidence… not sure how accurate it is, that MS may be affecting women who are a bit older and had no children. Hormones…
I have no children yet. Never had them. I am trying for my first baby age 43…

I also read some other study, I think it linked pesticides and insect killers with MS. No idea if it stands. Regarding MS, I always read papers in Academic Journals, or at least MS Society and MS trust material.

Anyway, I try not to overthink. It won’t change anything, and it may even cause unnecessary blame towards my parents and family.

cursed by a Hobgoblin…? :grimacing::+1:

Srsly, my money’s on the Glandular Fever horse…

Not aware of having had it myself, but my ex-wife had it and was subsequently DX’d with MS…

And for me, THERE’S THE LINK…!

I caught MS from my partner… (citation needed)

Why am I not covered in white coated researchers, asking questions, taking samples, and drawing conclusions…?

Possibly bc they’ve sat on their Tenure funded fat arses talking about a mythical future in which MS is just a note in history, but no one’s in a rush to do that anytime soon, it’d spoil the party…?

Well, if I were a betting woman, I would go for shingles, if only because I got shingles around my middle and then the first appearance of MS in the very same area a few months later. But hobgoblin curse also a strong contender.

I read Shingles was linked to the Chicken Pox virus that lays dormant till later life…

Having said that, I remember my Grandma telling me it was down to poor quality underwear…?

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Nothing the matter with my smalls, thank you. But yes, I do think that viral trigger might have been the thing that sent my immune system haywire.

Ancient DNA Helps Solve Multiple Sclerosis Mystery in Europe : ScienceAlert?

Someone forwarded this to me recently.
I’ve done a dna test through a genealogy website, and I’m 4% Denmark and Sweden