Positive vibes, please

I need lots of good thoughts and positive vibes from all you lovely forum readers.

I am trying to move my job from an office-based role to a home-based one. This would mean that I would have to work shifts answering emergency phone queries out of hours but this would suit me I think because I have very erratic sleep patterns and I am not the most sociable of people anyway.

Moving jobs would be perfect for me because I can move from London (which is a nightmare for people with mobility problems) to Cardiff where I would not have to commute at all and were we have lots of family and friends nearby. I can’t perform the full role that I am employed in any more and the only reasonable adjustments that can be provided at the moment are only stopgaps and aren’t really that reasonable. Moving to the home based role would mean that I should be able to continue working, at full capacity for that role, for much longer

So, what’s not to like?

So, now all (all???) I have to do is:

  1. Get 2 different management teams to agree to move me. (My current management is positive about me moving but the new management can be a bit awkward. I am an expensive employee because I have been in post for a long time so they are worrying about their budgets. )
  2. Sell my house in London.
  3. Transfer my mortgage.
  4. Buy a house in Cardiff.

Talk about keeping all the balls in the air and/or keeping a load of plates spinning!

3 and 4 should be easy (ish!) and we have our current house on the market but we are, of course, completely dependent on point 1. I had a new ATOS report on Thursday to answer specific questions about my transfer and – as much as you can ever trust ATOS Doctors not to say one thing and then right another in their report – I am quite hopeful.

I never ever though of myself as a superstitious or religious person but I am currently keeping everything crossed and saying Novenas to St Joseph (patron saint of house moving) and St Genesius (patron saint of barristers (and stand up comedians)) (You would never guess that I was born a Catholic would you?) I have even placed a “Cosmic Order” – well if it worked for Noel Edmonds ………

So. If any of you lovely forum readers have any good luck vibes to share, please direct some of them in my direction


Am sure it will all work out just the way that you wish for.

The words that caught my eye in your post were ‘cosmic order’. I dunno how much you trust in this but will PM u details of a brill book that I have recently read-its changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined! I set myself small challenges (working with the energy) and they have all worked since Dec!

Ellie x

Hi, that all sounds good so I’ll send you lots of positive vibes and I hope it works out well for you. Cheryl:-)