has anyone visited this site and if so what is the access like , hubby has booked this for us and I have heard from friends that I will not manage, even though i told my hubby but he didnt listen


I have been - I did have MS but did not yet know it.

It’s a very large site, and there is very little shade - it was hot the day I went. It does have proper streets, but as you would expect of an ancient site, they’re cobbled and can be quite uneven. I don’t think it would be suitable for a wheelchair (too bumpy) or crutches, but might be OK with a stick. It’s also very, very crowded.

I don’t remember very much climbing - it’s pretty much on-the-flat, but you might have to step over threshold’s to get in and out of some of the buildings.

If I’m honest, I DID feel ill (in fact I wondered what the cr*p was the matter with me, as I wasn’t even being investigated back then). But at the same time, it’s a fantastic place, and I’m really, really glad I did it, if that makes sense.

I went with someone much, much sicker than me - who was, in fact, dying at the time, and knew it. He managed it too so it CAN be done, even with serious illness - it depends how much you really want to. It was one of his dying wishes, and that’s why we were there.

If you decide it really isn’t for you, may I recommend the smaller, much less famous Herculaneum, which is not very far away, but, in my opinion, even better preserved. Much less hyped and touristy - a less gruelling day, if you don’t feel well. But worthy of equal fame with Pompeii, but inexplicably sidelined by it.

Hope this helps,



Obviously that depends on whether you use a stickor crutches. Wheelchair - forget it, it really depends just how mobile you are, whether you can mange steps and uneven surfaces, even the heat and the walking/standing, yes I have visited 3 times and would love to go again, as they have uncovered such a lot since then but I don’t want to be disappointed by not being able to access it all, Herculaneum is equally bad. There is an exhibition at the British museum until Sept. (I think it is) and some of the best known exhibits and casts from Naples museum (which is where most of them are now anyway) will be on show, don’t think there is a museum at Pompeii any more, there did used to be, so your hubby may not get to see what he is expecting eg. the dog, the cave camen mosaic . Alison

thanks alison, really felt that I am going for hubby and it is a trip from a ship as we are doing a trip there i walk sometimes with a stick or a walker going in september so look at the temperature

Coincidentally, we went in September too, and yes, it was sweltering even then. If I’d known I had MS, I might have refused, but because I didn’t know, it wasn’t preying on my mind I couldn’t do it, and so I still could! Whereas if I’d already had the MS label, I might have said: “Oooh, no, I don’t think I’ll be OK with that” - but I would have missed out. I’m not suggesting disability can be overcome by simple mind-over-matter, but at the same time, you don’t want to reject things without trying, because of a label. You could miss the experience of a lifetime, because it’s really an amazing place.

I know you are already booked now, for September, but if it comes to it, couldn’t you decide on the day? And if it is a cruise, presumably staff will have experience of who has been alright with the Pompeii tour, and who wasn’t - so would be able to advise you if there are any doubts?

I do think it will be gruelling, yes. I don’t think that automatically means you should rule it out, because it might be something you feel really pleased and proud to have done, that you’ll carry with you forever.

What’s the agenda for the next day looking like? Is it a nice, relaxing day on board, so you won’t have to do anything?


Be very hot in Sept. sure hubby will have met people he can spend the day with, unless you are feeling up to it on trhe day (we never know do we?) maybe stay bon board and have a bit of a pamper day and suggest a trip to the exhibition for both of you to enjoy, before or after. Alison

The cobbles are very large and not like cobbles here. My companion had a three wheeled rollator and that was just hopeless on the terrain. Anything with wheels, forget it. We had a wonderful time despite it all! It is an amazing place. Alison

thanks folks I guess feeling sorry for myself as this weather is getting to me, had to cancel my volunteering work because of it plus hubby has already paid the £65 for it which truthfully would rather he went on his own and i did a pamper day on the ship , but he has just phoned to say lets wait to nearer the time then if you dont go do a pamper day, but he wants me to see it but he forgets i am not as fit as i was

hi anon

a hiking pole is brilliant on cobbles

have fun

carole x

Hi, let your husband go and take lots of pictures while you sit on deck sipping something nice! That worked for me your hubby will realise this is for the best when he gets to he site. Tour rep. just want the money and often under estimate the difficulties M

Glad he’s thinking about that, I’m sure you’d love to (and will) you’re able go on the trip, whatever happens both have a great time! Alison x

Hi hubby and myself plus another couple are also going on a cruise in September I don’t know what ship you are going on but we are on the ncl epic which also takes in Naples we have decided not to go to pompei because of the heat which I believe will be hot we are thinking of going to go to Capri you can get a ferry at the cruise port the journey takes about 40 minutes it also gives you a chance to see great views of the almalfy coast have a great trip.Anne.

I have just done a bit of googling and found this, sage travelling.com, that do offer wheelchair tours to Pompeii, just not sure if the w/c ramps are permanent or the firm actually put them out just for their tours, worth a look anyway, I may get to go again after all!

That site has some very good views of the accessible parts of Pompeii, seems to be a bit of a gem of a site to get a good idea of lots of places in Europe, something to be said for lazy afternoons and google…at least it’s not shopping,hubby will be pleased!