where are you?

bolton, greater manchester.

home of the phoenix nights!

where are you krak

Epsom, Surrey Home to the Derby.

Just 3 miles outside Blackpool…home to Hen and Stag nights and the Tower!

Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire.

Home to more Millionaires than anywhere in the UK.


Home to not much in particular .

Jimmy Glass? Jimmy Glass: Carlisle United Legend - YouTube

erm wasnt krak asking where poll is-not us lot?! ellie

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See the source image

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lol scudger!

as u were-go ahead…

i am obviously in ma own wee world!


I was with you on that one Ellie. Thought it was an enquiry into where Poll is too lol. Crack on everyone.,

Home to the dodo by the look of you. Have you been hiding that away from the rest of the world?

Keeps it at’op ‘ot list


Of course. I have to maintain the illusion that I’m extinct until D Attenbrough (OM,CH,CVO,CBE,FRS,FLS,FZS,FSA) makes a documentary about me.

Walsall in the black county… Home to noddy holder

Bury Centre of the known universe

Dare I say Wrexham? Bad press at the moment, but on a good note, we do have the oldest football stadium in the world, team not so good, but quite famous/infamous, oh & Wrexham lager.

Pratt’s Bottom. And very nice it is too

thanks Ellie - my query was about Poll!