Poker has 'saved my life' !!

MS takes so much away from your life, no more competetive sports, no more socialising in busy pubs,difficulties building a network of new friends as you dont work and spend much of your time asleep or sitting in a chair becoming more and more isolated.

Well heres something nearly all of us can do that gives back a lot of the above.

Pub poker !! I can honestly say its virtually saved my life.

Here are the benefits.

Virtually drive from door to door

Hardly any standing around

Meet new people

Learn and compete

Opportunities of competing and earning money virtually anywhere in the world.

People tend not to be intrusive into personal circumstances as they’re there for the poker but at the same time its easy to make friends.

And more

It gets me out 3 or 4 nights a week at a cost of a fiver a time. Very easy after a short period of time to break even or even make a profit. Sometimes I see wheelchair users playing but its not often and I wonder why. The game is absolutely ideal for disabled people. Now and again you get stairs and stuff but if im playing at such a venue Ill get there early when its quiet so no one sees me struggling. Also, women are under represented in the game but the ones that do play usually get to be pretty good players !!

Get on it people, if your looking to get some of your previous life back !!

Sewing has been mine, I even went to evening classes where I met some of the nicest women. I get real pleasure making things for people. Makes me feel useful after I had to retire from my job as a nurse. It’s really important I think that we all find a hobby or something we enjoy and our limitations allow. I used to read a lot but blurred vision put a stop to that and I can only knit when my hands allow me to. It’s frustrating in the beginning until you find an interest.

Cath xx

Always looking for new opportunities and experiences. Although I’ve always had short arms and long pockets! Um wonder if I can pull the one arm bandit …not that I’m looking for the hero in a spaghetti western - …lame joke! My biggest gamble is making it to the loo in time…

Thats a girl thing Cath but bloody worth while if you enjoy it.

The more fun cheap things that we can find to do the better.

Got to have reasons to look forward to the next day !!

I also revamp old furniture bought really cheaply at charity shops and car boot sales. I strip, sand, paint, upholster or even decoupage it. You’d be surprised at how fashionable it is. Up to now I’ve only done bits for myself but you’d be amazed at the number of people who ask to have some done. I can’t do it every day and use a sander as I can’t do it by hand any more but I’ve a large collection of tools and ones I need are on my Christmas list. I’ve learnt to do that and get inspiration from books I’ve bought at charity shops or taken out of the library. That’s how I started sewing too. It’s amazing what you can pick up from books.

I knit baby clothes for the hospital to sell, been doing that yonks now, dont know what I would do if I had no knitting on the go.

Its good too have a hobby.

Pam x

I sit in the wheelchair getting bitter and twisted heeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeee no I dont I am on the pooter or watching TV I also spend a lot of time blogging but my one new thing is PHOTOGRAPHY I love my cameras and spennd ages taking pictures and looking at other peoples pictures. I havent lookked bback since I got a resonable camera.

You’ve lit a fire underneath my behind to do something to get me out more in new year, thankyou :slight_smile:

The new year is always a good time to try something new David…go for it.

Pam x