Please sign this petition

Ian Duncan Smith recons he can live on £53.00 a week, well, maybe he could for one week, but not indefinately! Please sign this.


I’d like to see him try! (mind you, anyone could do it for a week or two… it’s when it goes on and on and on that it becomes such a killer).

Thanks for posting…

Pat x

No he couldnt…there`s the rent, the council tax, the heating, the washing costs, the house insurance, the electric for a wheelchair, hoist, profiling bed, recliner, the water rates, might be something left for a boiled egg and toast for every meal, every day…unless he goes delving in restaurant and supermarket skips.

Would he qualify for rent and rates rebate? They`ll be checking his bank account to see what savings he has…savings? what are they? Oh and has he got a spare bedroom for when his carer sleeps?

Has he got spare sheets and bed protectors, for when he wets his bed? (I did that this morning and I dont care who knows, so long as they realise I will have to buy extra bedding)

Owt else? Oh I am sure there is but I am exhausted thinking and typing all this out.

Nearly tea time…yummy, yet another boiled egg and toast to look forward to! I`ll be in bed by 6 as it is warmer…as long as I dont wet meself tonight again.

luv Pollx

Its heart breaking isn’t it? I actually find it frightening thinking about how it will affect people, what the hell is going to happen to the vulnerable people in this country, be they old, ill, poor, or in any way diisadvantaged. How far from reality do these polititians live?

I hope thay’ve put a generous pot aside for ‘paupers’ funerals, as I can see the death rate going up rapidly in the next few years. Still, that’ll save them a bob or two in benefits I guess…

Frankly, I have no interest in keeping this vile man alive, but would be interested in the alternative. On a more positive note, over 200,000 people have signed.

I would love to know how many bedrooms he has in his mansion

He could be paying to be on benefits




Can’t stand the man. No empathy or understanding for anything but the bank balance and he doesn’t give a damn how many vulnerable people he’ll hurt trying to get it back towards the black :frowning:


I’ve already signed this earlier - a good petition. I wonder if he’ll take it up? - the diference of course is that he’ll be returning to his rich life after a week whilst the majority of people the policy impacts on are going to suffer for a very long time. It’s not hard putting up with something for a week when you know its going to be over soon, but for most people the story is very different as they are in it for the long haul.

;-/ Mary

Difficult to think of IDS without this tale coming up.

Incidentally, when will Buckingham Palace start paying the bedroom tax? Surely these royal benefit scroungers will have to cough up.


Done and shared on Facebook - IDS needs a large dose of reality.



With bellls on lol!!!

Good luck everybody


Done- Heartless, disgusting, evil man.

Done- Heartless, disgusting, evil man.

All done!!

What an idiot he is. Oh well suppose he fits in with the rest of them!