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The lovely Ian Duncan Smith recons he can live on £53.00 a week. Maybe for one week he can, I’d like to see him manage it indefinately!


He can live on nothing a week. He has a house (or 3) and probally a full freezer and cuboards. He will survive easy on £53 a week. Its a shame the people in power never have to beg for help. Breaks my heart we are run by people born into wealth.

Anyway im ranting again,


I agree Darren, it is heartbreaking, and frightening.

Done. It’s so hard when you’ve always had a good job, now you get ill and end up on benefits and there’s nothing you can do to change it, you’re challenged every time you try to apply for further help and have never applied before so don’t even really know what you should or shouldn’t be entitled to.