Please help!

New to this forum,not diagnosed with m.s as yet got diagnosed with m.e in 2012,and fibromyalgia,however g.p seems to think it’s m.s,given I have dropped foot and a neurological deficit on one side ?!??im really struggling with symptoms at the moment,I feel like I’m wearing a bra with a back size that’s too small and it’s crushing me under my boobs,and as tho I’m shaking inside(if that makes sense) I initially thought it was only me who could feel it but was laid in bed next to my son and he said mam it feels like you’re vibrating which scares me,I’m seeing a neurologist I’ve previously had MRI scan on my spine without contrast,and many years ago brain without contrast they found I have scoliosis degenerative disease lumbar and three herniated discs cervical,as well as a “blob” in my thoracic region they’ve said they don’t know if it’s an osteoma or sclerotic bone?!?I feel as tho I have crappy days but when I have a really bad run where I’m house abound I’ll recover but it will leave me with a new symptom that doesn’t go,does anyone have any advice on what tests and things they had done and how long it took for diagnosis I’m really scared I have two young kids and I’m a single parent


Well it sounds like a referral to a neurologist is the right thing for you. I’d expect the neuro to take a personal history, do a neurological exam and order some tests assuming they feel they are warranted. These could include an MRI of just the brain, or of the brain and spine and could be with or without a contrast dye (injected half way though the MRI for greater contrast). The tests could also include a lumbar puncture and or a visual evoked potential test (aka VEP). They could also get your blood tested for vitamin deficiencies which can look like neurological problems (Vitamin D or B12 particularly).

As for how long it will take, there is no answer for that. First, it depends on the waiting time for your neurology appointment. Then the wait for the tests. Finally, there will be a wait for another appointment with neurology to discuss findings. SO it could go from weeks to months. The only thing you can do is to phone the hospital appointments team and see how long waiting times are, and to keep seeing your GP to keep them in the loop as far as any symptoms go.

I hope you don’t have too long to wait. Come back to this forum to keep getting feedback and just to have a bit of a moan even. It helps to get other people’s thoughts.


Hi Katie,

Are you getting all the benefits you need and support from social services?

If you’re not sure ask at the Citizens Advice Bureau. You might be entitled to some home help.

Don’t worry about the “vibrating”. It’s quite common and usually caused by muscles trembling.

Best wishes,