Please help

Went to see a Nero 5 weeks ago, his report came back as saying there was one or two White matter lesions of concern on the MRI scan, also left plantar response was extensor, and I walked with a narrow based steady gait Does this sound like m s, he has refered me to another hospital for follow up work but as of yet have not heard anything from them, I sit at home day and going out of
my mind. Also in the last couple of weeks all my symptoms have seem to got worse but I don’t know if
that is possible in such a short time or if I’m making myself ill any help at all would be great just don’t know where else to turn.
Many thanks carol

Hi Carol x

I don't know much but I do know how worrying all this is. It's a scary place to be x This forum is a great help and I know someone will be along soon with a lot more knowledge & experience than me to provide you with support x Jen x

Hi Carol, and welcome to the site happy2


One thing is for sure: stress is not great for anyone with a neurological condition as it has a bad habit of making things worse :-( Try and take some comfort in the fact that, if there was something dangerously wrong with you, you wouldn't still be waiting for that appointment! Also, you are on the right path - you've already had an MRI scan and you've been referred for more tests. That's good news as it means that, with any luck, it won't be too long before you get some answers (and help). If it does turn out to be demyelination (the cause of MS) that has caused those white matter lesions and this is the first lot of symptoms that you have had, then it is very typical for symptoms to get worse before they get better. This can sometimes take many months - so try and stay positive: the start of your recovery could be just around the corner.


As far as the neuro's report goes, white matter lesions, extensor plantar reflexes (your toes went up when the neuro scraped the sole of your foot; the normal response is for the toes to go down) and walking with a narrow based gait are all signs that something is wrong with your nervous system, but while MS is a possibility, there are actually quite a lot of other things that can cause them too.


Unfortunately, neurological conditions can be tricky to diagnose so it can sometimes take quite a while. It's important to get the right diagnosis though - so you can get the right treatment, so you need to be prepared for a bit of a long haul. In the meantime, please go and see your GP. He/she might be able to help with meds for your symptoms as well as hurrying up the tests appointment for you and/or contacting the neuro to let him know that your symptoms have worsened.


I hope you get some answers very soon. While you wait, feel free to offload on here - we really do understand.


Karen x

Hi Carol and welcome happy2

You've come to the right place for support and a listening ear - everyone here understands what you're going through and sometimes just knowing that you're not alone can be a comfort.

As Karen said, there are other things that could be responsible for your symptoms - not just ms - and they all need to be ruled out so up to a point it's a bit of a waiting game I'm afraid.

In the meantime, although it's a lot easier to say than to actually do, try not to worry too much. Stress can do strange things to our bodies and can actually make our symptoms worse scared2 

Have a word with your GP - maybe he can shed a bit more light on things for you and chase up your next appt. Tell him that you're feeling worse too, he may be able to give you some meds to help in the interim period.

Good luck - you know where we are if you need us.

Take care of you & let us know how you get on

Debbie xx

Thank you for all your replys really has lifted my mood today, wonderful how strangers pull togeqther to help which really does make a difference. Booked doctors appointment tomorrow will try and get some pain killers my neck and lower back makes me feel sick sometimes sure if I can just get out pain would feel a lot better in myself. One again thank you all so much