Please help :(


I am a 29 y o female. I have been having muscle twitching for 8 months now. Neuro asked me to ignore it.

Sometimes my right foot goes numb.

I have had extreme pain in BOTH arms at the same time. Took a week of NSAID to bring it down.Burning pain was accompanied with tingling and numbess.

Shooting pain in my head like an electric flash.Mild to moderate.

Does this sound like MS? I an terrified of having a relapse in a month or so :frowning:

Twitching muscles can be a sign of nothing, if that makes sense. I’ve had them for days but not convinced it’s neurological. It could be though.

? has your neuro said about the numb foot and sensations in your arms and head

Hi Scared,

There are literally hundreds of conditions (including very simple, non-sinister ones, like vitamin deficiencies) that can produce the same or similar symptoms.

So although nothing you’ve described absolutely couldn’t be MS, there’s nothing to suggest it’s particularly likely either. It could be any of the hundreds of other things. Although MS is “the most common disabling neurological condition in young adults”, it is still relatively rare - only about 1 in 1000 people. It is a diagnosis of exclusion, which means every other possible explanation would be considered first. MS is definitely not the main or only suspect, for every strange neuro-type thing that can happen.

Even if - worst case scenario - it did turn out to be MS - there’s nothing to indicate you are in imminent danger of a relapse, or that the timescale would be “a month or so”. Where do you get this idea? Relapses are unpredictable, and come with little or no warning, but for the vast majority of people, they are NOT every month or two, and indeed, it is possible to go several years between relapses. So even a confirmed diagnosis would not mean you were on the brink of a relapse within the next month. If you were unlucky, it could be so, but it’s equally possible to go ages without much happening at all.

One thing I will say is that MS pain does NOT typically respond to NSAIDs, so if you took those and they seemed to help, it suggests either that the pain was non-neurological (so not as likely to be MS), or else that any improvement was coincidental, and would have happened anyway - not as a result of the painkillers.


Tingling, numbness and neuropathic pain (the burning) can all be attributed to something as simple as a vitamin deficiency (in particular B12) as well as more serious conditions so please try not to worry. Until the professionals have completed all their tests there is no point in worrying as it isn’t going to change anything except maybe increase your BP and stress levels.

I know it is frustrating but you have to let them do their job and just be patient until they come back to you with some answers.

Try to keep busy doing things you enjoy. That’s the best way to keep your mind off the numbness and tingling. Many of us live with these symptoms constantly and you will be surprised how they can fade away into the background when you occupy your mind with something much more enjoyable.

Take care

Tracey x

MS tends to be one sided so having the same symptoms in both arms at the same time is not indicative of MS - particularly if taking NSAIDs helped. Normal painkillers will not make any difference in neurological pain.