Please help with pre diagnosis

I hope somebody can help! I am worried that partner is mid diagnosing himself and getting anxiety confused without MS but he thinks I am not being supportive. My partner has had a pulling in his calves on and off for a couple of years. The doctor has referred him to have an MRI and suggested if it’s not mechanical it might be vascular. In the meantime he did that worse thing ever and googled his symptoms. He convinced himself he has MS … since then he went back to the doctor who said I am not a specialist in MS and as he has private healthcare though work they have referred him to a neurologist. After that he has become obsessed and now is convinced he has MS, he is crying everyday and now saying his legs are like jelly and that proves it’s MS. I asked him what other symptoms he believes indicate MS and he has named 5 over the last 20year! These symptoms are

- 20years ago he had blurred vision that would last Aprox 10mins and follow with a headache - this happened once or twice a month for two year

- 12 years ago he had a bladder issue that lasted about 2-3 weeks where no diagnosis was given and it went away on its own

-10 years ago he had erectile dysfunction which lasted about 6 months - tests were done and nothing was found - the doctor did tests and they all came back normal and the doctor believed it was in his head

- 2 years ago he started (and still has) pulling/cramps in one or both legs when he is running

are these symptoms, given nothing was really found, and the timeline enough to diagnose MS? He will see the specialist on Wednesday and I am petrified that without them being able to say it is or isn’t he will continue down this path and make himself ill

i really appreciate people thoughts … even if it is that I am wrong and these are classic symptoms and I need to be more suppprtive

Hi Lisa

To be honest, although it sounds to me like Dr Googleitis, anything is possible.

Theres no way someone on here can say he’s convinced himself unnecessarily and it doesn’t sound like MS. Because for all we know, he is actually right. The big problem with MS is that there are a whole battery of symptoms which could potentially be applied to many many people. Equally, someone could have what could be considered as ‘classic’ MS symptoms and then not have it.

All he (and you) can do is wait until Wednesday when he sees the neurologist. Get him to write a list of the symptoms that he thinks are connected, with approximate time scales, ie, when and for how long they lasted. Include anything that’s not completely resolved as well as things that got completely better.

The neurologist will take a history from him and do a physical examination. Subsequent to that, s/he will decide it’s not a neurological problem, or refer him for further tests.

It’s hard to continue being supportive of someone when you think they’ve talked themselves into a diagnosis. But at least it’s only a few days. Hopefully he’ll have someone with him (you?) to help remember what is said by the neurologist. There’s nothing worse than leaving a long awaited appointment and not be able to remember what’s said.

But keep an open mind till then. Regardless of whether he has MS or not, he’s going through a tough time. And so are you. So be kind to each other.


Thank you so much Sue, I have asked him to make the list of all his symptoms and list all the questions he needs to ask well so he doesn’t forget when we go :slight_smile:

Thank you