Please help, trying to get diagnosis

OK I will explain my story.

Am hoping you can help as I want to investigate Ms to rule out a crazy condition I have developed lately, which is Trigeminal Neuralgia. I started getting a dull ache in my tooth about a year back, and it progressed to full blown headaches and dull aching pain to the point where I can’t function. The condition is labelled suicide headaches.
At first I thought it was a tooth issue. Since then, my tooth has been removed and pain has persisted.
Am taking a nerve blocker, Carbamazepine and the side effects render me unable to work.
On top of this, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 years ago. My Fibro symptoms are almost identical to that of MS.
MRI of my brain has come back normal, with no lesions. No one’s pushed to get a lumbar puncture done, and I don’t know what other tests to get done to try and rule it out completely as I have heard in my Trigeminal Neuralgia community it might not show up on a MRI but possibly lumbar puncture.
Considering all this, how would you approach your doctor and what would you get done to completely rule MS out? I don’t want to sound like a doctor Google but i need answers and just feel it’s more than just a coincidence.

Well, you can’t really rule out MS. What they do is rule out everything else and then pick MS. I’m not that knowledgeable about Fibro, but I don’t remember hearing about it involving TN.

Given the fact that this is an ongoing problem, and you lost a tooth for no good reason, I’d just contact the neuro and tell him pointblank that you’d like a lumbar puncture. Clear MRI’s don’t really mean anything, although they do need to find lesions there or in the spine to make an MS diagnosis.

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I went through a similar situation, only I lost six teeth before they looked for TN.

I was diagnosed with MS nearly thirty years later and told I’d probably had the condition for over thirty years. In the meantime I’d had Optic Neuritis a couple of times, several attacks of Vertigo and a lot of neuropathic pain. My diagnosis finally came when I had a completely dead leg. I have no idea if the TN played a part in the diagnosis as an MRI found dozens of lesions (multiple lesions) and that was the basis of it.

The only way to know is by seeing a neurologist, no-one else can tell you. There is a diagnostic criteria which has to be satisfied, and then a long list of things to be ruled out; it is a very slow process.

I have met others with similar tales, several were diagnosed late in life and told, like me, that they’d had it for decades; relapsing MS can be in remission for many years at a time, thank goodness.

The first thing to do is discuss your suspicions with a GP, or, of course, you could always see a neuro privately - at a price.

I’m sorry my reply couldn’t be more positive, I’m certainly not a medic.


Hi TN can be a stand alone problem. i HAVE had a few in the states with this horrible condition who never had MS or fibro.

I know one had a new procedure which cured it. so far no more TN.

I have only had it once and boy I really feel for you if you get it a lot.

As to MRI you need a spinal MRI. A lot of people with MS dont have lesions on the brain. LP is a last resort for ruling out MS.

Fibro is poorly understood. You can get TN with fibro. Fibromyalgia and Neuralgia Often Go Hand-in-Hand - Upper Cervical Awareness.

Normally if you have MS it doesnt just present with TN although that can be the start of it.

I would think if it was me and i was suffering TN i would want a solution to that first without being on a drug that renders me almost unconcious all the time. Then see how it goes from there. If it is MS its usually a long haul for diagnosis. My first thing wouold be to get the TN under control so you can try to get back to some normalcy. xxx

I will push for my doctor to send a referral tomorrow. I forgot to mention I also get chronic UTI’s so will mention that too.

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