Plastic Surgery and Tecfidera


So I was diagnosed with MS a few months ago and before that I was planning to get a nosejob before my wedding. I’ll be starting Tecfidera soon and since it’s an immunosuppressant, am I allowed to get a rhinoplasty or is it too risky.

If anyone has any experience or knowledge about plastic surgery and Tecfidera that’ll be great.



I think that’s a question you should ask your neurologist.

I couldn’t possibly give an opinion that you should trust; being an utter stranger and not medically qualified. Nor to be honest should anyone on the forum.

Have a great wedding nose op or not! But do ask your neurologist for advice.


Hi thank you for the reply! I was just wondering if anyone underwent surgery of any kind while being on Tecfidera. I’m going to consult with my neurologist, but was hoping if someone on here had experience.