Plans to abolish attendance allowance

Hi folks

I’ve just heard from 38 degrees via the local Fibromyalgia group that there are plans to abolish attendance allowance, (a benefit for people over 65 who have caring needs) it was stated that local councils will take up the slack. It is strange because 38 degrees usually send me petitions that they want me to sign and I haven’t received this one.

The idea was floated at the end of last year, and reported by Benefits and Work in January.
The 38 Degrees petition link is:

I do not remember getting this one either.
Government idea is that those who get it already will continue to get it (Wow, Relieved)


I missed this one completely. I think the major problem will be that if it’s administered by local authorities, it’ll be part of the existing care and support. Which is means tested. It’s a strange means test, in fact I’ve found it pretty much impossible to find out exactly how it’s done, apart from the capital threshold of £23,500, above which people don’t qualify.


Yes I assume that will be the threshold, it’s not coming in until 2018, so those of you who are on it are ok. I can’t believe the Tories are having a go at the elderly but then they’ve had a go at everyone else, it doesn’t fair well for people who are 65 after 2018 (and have saved a bit for a rainy day). I don’t belive that local authorities will be able to step up either and more of a burden on carers.

my dad passed his house to me and my sisters.

he’s still going strong at 82

carole x

good idea to pass the house on…

councils are finding sneaky ways to reduce our payments packages for care

eg…I now pay my own charges for accountants who do payroll…that comes out if my money

pensions…if anyone employed by us as carers, wants a pension…we have to pay it out of our own money…

what`s next?