Planning permission

Hey Everyone!

I hope some of you are able to be out enjoying this lovely Vitamin D propagating sun! have a quick question…

I am lucky enough to live in a little Grade II listed thatched cottage…and have recently applied for planning permission for a garage with room above for storage, as there is precious little in our little house…

The Heritage office have come back and told us (after saying no problem at pre-application stage) that it is too tall and wide to not ‘cause harm’ to the listed house…the thing is, we have made it slightly wider, so as to make sure I can still use it as my mobility deteriorates, and I’m not really able to crawl around in a loft space, and really need full head height upstairs…

They don’t want to move, and are sticking to their guns…

Does anyone here know of anything I can say to reason with them, or anyone that might?

Your time would be greatly appreciated!




maybe get a letter from your local council disability officer.

mine came and got road crossing difficulties sorted in a very short time.


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PP is a nightmare. ans they never stick to what they say pre planning, although. they are quick enough to charge you for it! you may have to appeal all the way to the house of Lords, find yourself a solicitor that specialises in planning they do exist! do you ever get the Homebuilding and renovating magazine? some good , info in there I think the last show was in May ,which is worth going to,for seminars etc. you can always get free tickets via. the magazine! Just seen a great plot, after searching for 18 years probably be sold before we get. anywhere near buying. it though!