Pituitary cyst????

Been in today to see my consultant, ended up seeing a reg in his clinic, didn’t have a clue why I was there. He didn’t have a clue what was going on, even argued with me when I was diagnosed!! He was adamant I was diagnosed last year, when I was most definitely diagnosed this year! Also whist sitting next to his desk I noticed one of my documents said “a 5mm primary pituitary cyst” when I questioned it he shut the notes and would not discuss it with me!! They are my notes and it is about me, surely I have the right to know!?,??!? Im even more worried now that he won’t tell me or discuss it with me! I wish I’d seen my actual consultant, this guy just didn’t have a clue! More stress is just what I need right now, Especially after. Being told the treatment that they want me to start could infact kill me. Great. I’m sure iv just focused in on the negatives, but when these people that are in control can’t even properly control a consultation how on earth can I trust them to choose my medication. Sorry ranting again. Just scared and confused!

I would telephone the consultants secretary and ask about your notes, I’m sure everyone has a right to see their medical notes, it may be that you have to pay a small fee. The registrar sounds quite incompetant and obviously hasn’t got a lot of people skills. Also, would your gp know about your pituitury cyst ? He/she must have had some sort of communication from the consultant regarding this.

Oh dear, that`s not good at all!

I would either make an appointment to see your GP…or maybe a telephone one would be ok, or I would ring the consultant`s secretary.

Just be careful with the words you use. State the facts and try to stay calm…say the appointment left you with more questions than answers and you would like to see the consultant himself, as you need an explanation.

Hope you do get one.

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