Will it matter that i am not under a consultant for my MS when i make the claim for PIP.I have an indefinate award of DLA and have been on it for over 20 years.

The reason i am not under a consultant just now is because i missed an appointment last year due to being too ill to go,so i was struck off.Should i ask my GP to refer me back to the neurologist so i can put on my forms i have one.

yes Jaydee

the more information you can collect, the better.

have you joined Benefits and Work?

it costs £20 and is well worth it from what i have heard.

get help from someone who knows a lot about it.

i had help from welfare rights but there are lots of other agencies, sure someone will be along soon with more info.

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Thanks Carole i joined th benefitsandwork site a while ago,and i have proof letters and an assessment from a social worker too that i can send i just am not under a consultant at the moment.I think i will ask dr to refer me though.

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I would Jaydee, it can’t hurt. My neuro did me a short but very helpful letter as part of my evidence, the more you can get, the better.

Its also a good thing to be ‘in the system’ in case anything crops up in the future that you might want to see a consultant for, MS being as unpredictable as it is and with up and coming new treatments.

Good luck with the claim.

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I don’t have a consultant just an MS Nurse she does my support letter, I was transferred from DLA to PIP without an assessment. Hopefully you will too.

Best wishes

Jan x

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When I had my yearly visit with my MS nurse this year we discussed Siponimod and its treatment for people with SP. I suggested I should have my GP refer me to a consultant she said there was no need, I was still in the system because I was on her list and she would refer me for an appointment with a consultant. News to me but if we have a nurse we’re still in the system.

Jan x