Hi guys

I have just started self injections of Plegridy , the injections are no problem but the fls went on for 48 hrs along with a minor headache . I receive PIP at the lowest level do I need to inform them about this treatment.


I don’t think it’s a notifiable issue. PIP is awarded on the basis of your physical condition, not what drugs you take. So I doubt that Plegridy would make any difference to your Daily Living or Mobility needs.

But by all means phone them if it makes you feel better getting the OK from the donkeys mouth, so to speak.


You have to have the new problems for 3 months before you can claim PIP. If you ring them now all they will do is send out forms for a change of circumstances and you will end up going through the whole process again with the chance of losing what you have.

Hi there, I am in a similar situation with the injections. I don’t get PIP (haven’t applied). Would you be willing to share your symptoms that made you qualify for PIP? Thank you.

Try this test before you apply Be honest with yourself about how you are effected,most of the sections scoring starts at 2 and you need 8 points to qualify from the daily living section of 10 questions so probably need to score in 4 out of 10 question.

On the mobility part you also need 8 points but from only 2 questions but when they score they start at 4 points.

When assessing what you can/can’t do you need to be able to do the tasks “reliably,in a timely fashion,repeatedly and safely”

I am off towork for half day before taking my wife for a face to face with Atos later today as hers was done before we had any idea she might have ms! Wish us luck


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good luck ollie and mrs ollie!

It’s almost impossible for someone to share their symptoms that made them qualify for PIP. There are just too many variables.

Taking a disease modifying drug isn’t going to be relevant.

I suggest you take the test that Ollies posted a link to.

Pay attention to the phrase ‘reliably, repeatedly and safely’.

And what’s very important, is supplying evidence to back up what you say.


Hopefully your F2F went well Ollie (and Mrs Ollie).

Will keep fingers X’d for a decent result.


I think it went ok and she seemed nice enough, but to be honest i/we are still scarred and mistrusting of this whole system after the her ESA claim and the utter work of fiction produced by that HCP who also apparently seemed nice!

I didn’t neccessarily think my wife should get the higher rate as whilst she is quite disabled she is nowhere near as disabled as some people such as my stepdaughter,but having checked the questions and points last night its clear she qualifies easily for daily living higher rate with a lot of leeway for DWP to disagree with my assessment on several points and still qualify.On mobility she now imo also qualifies but with only 2 questions its not so clear cut. Hopefully get a reasonably quick conclusion without a year + wait for a tribunal! I could do without the hassle but will fight for/with her again if the need arises.

Oh that’s reasonable. It seems that ones feeling at the end of an assessment can demonstrate mixed results. But definitely go all the way if you don’t get what you think she should.

It’s quite difficult for someone in your position, having a daughter with quite obvious living and mobility needs makes you think that your wife deserves less than her daughter. But comparing two very different people with differing needs is unhelpful.

I hope your wife gets the result you estimate she should. If not, then keep pushing for the ‘correct’ result.

Best of luck, hopefully the result will come soon.


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