PIP self test

Allo all.

Following a very encouraging reply from george re DLA to PIP changes, I have completed the PIP self score test.

I ended up with 24 on the care component and 24 on the mobility. I didnt lay it on…dont need to! These scores put me in the enhanced rate for both sections.

I know how worried silly many of us are, so I encourage you to do the test.

No need to worry that DWP will see it, cos no-one but you will.

Just remember that they may not score us the same as we do.

Even so I do believe it could ease some worries…it has for me.

luv Pollx

Me too Poll.

I scored enough to qualify for enhanced on both too. Phew!!! Like you say, I didn’t exagerate just answered as it is.

Be interesting to see how everyone else gets on.

Thanks for your posts Poll and George xxx

Thanks Poll and George,

I did the test too. With DLA they’d tell you to answer it like your worst day…its hard as our health can change by the week. A lot more bad than good for me now. Bad day it’s just bed and in tears with the pain though. How do you guys think it will go with this PIP??..answers from our bad days, our better days, or our average days? We need to be classed differently than others who either have something or they dont…I know too I force myself and go through the pain sometimes in so much pain I can pass out, today I haven’t been able to feel either of my feet at all. Where as some people have a cold and remain in bed for weeks?

So I answered it actually one better than I am on the whole and got 22 on mobility and 39 points. Just hope they award us like they should. I am panicing at the thought of getting just over 12…but these scores are a lot more, which means I should relax a little. A lady on the gov benefit helpine today told me not to panic and we (MS’ers) need not worry too much. However, she couldn’t answer an awful lot of questions as they dont even know the answers. It seems this PIP has come in and not much has been ironed out yet? x

Hi Poll. Where do I go to do the test?


Hi Mary. Just type in the google box PIP self test.

That`s what I did.

luv Pollx

I`m glad my experience in doing the test has eased some of our fears… for a while anyway!

luv Pollx

Here’s the test:

Ta for that, interesting, scored well, not that that is a particularly good thing?!

I know what you mean, but it is a good thing if you depend on your benefits like me and countless others and are to poorly to work.

luv Pollx

Yes agreed, good and bad in scoring highly!!

Hi all.

Thanks for your replies.

I got the phonecall re ESA yesterday. One of the points I asked about was medical reports.

I said I had asked both my GP and neuro`s secretary about these and both of them said it is up to DWP to ask for reports not me.

Then the telephoner said they wouldnt be asking for reports!

I said I had all my letters from neuros and was told I should send copies in. I now await the lovely book of questions crashing through my letterbox. I`ll keep you posted.

And good luck to anyone else in this position.

I repeat how worrying and stressful this is, as I am 60, knackered and should be able to retire in peace!

luv Pollx

Hey Poll,rest in peace,not if me and the rest of the crew have any say in the matter.I like your use of knackered,and I’ve been known to say,“I’m knackered with a capital F”. I’ve also used,“Still drawing breath and benefits” and of late 'cos I am capital effed if anybody enquires about my well being as I’m sat on DAVROS the powerchair, “As you see it”

Don’t forget different pens,but all the right colour when you’re doodling in their comic book,

Be lucky,

Wb xx <(L)>

Oh Wb, now you`re getting cryptic, like 2 shoes used to be. I am sometimes very slow to appreciate irony.

luv Pollx

That test is almost as bad as the old DLA one. When I say “bad”, I mean biased and using very poor science.
I am never going to have to do it “for real”, unless they decide to test all OAPs (and you never know with this lot in power).
I did it anyway.
Score was a massive zero (as in 0, or “null points”).
I thought the wording had obviously been done by an expert, so as to eliminate as many people as possible.
All the qualifiers were missing (just look at Q20, and see where it does not ask about mobility aids - 12a, 12b, 12c). no question about the time it would take someone to move that 200 metres, or how many times you would have to stop and rest.
Now look at Q8 - “8 e. Cannot read or understand signs, symbols or words at all. 8 points.” If you can click on the button for this, you must be using a computer, so you can read or understand etc … .

A brilliant job of weasel wording. And please do not get me started on the rather uneven scales being used.


Hi Geoff, it is my understanding that ALL current recipiants of DLA, regardless of whether they are an OAP or not, will have to be assessed in the migration from DLA to PIP.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,
The thing is, you see, I don’t get DLA. I was already an OAP before the onset (initially TIM, then RRMS).


well I took this self test and still scored the highest rate on both mobility and care components so fingers crossed it wont turn out too bad

Hi Geoff, oh I see, ta for explaining. So are you getting attendance allowance then? Is that changing as well?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

AFAIK AA is not going to change (fingers crossed). It better not!


Thanks for linking this - it does set your mind at rest that if they score it as we do we should be fine although I do agree with Dr Geoff about the omission of time taken to get somewhere which is pretty ridiculous not to have that as a factor - running a marathon in 2 hours 20 is not the same as walking it on crutches in 4 days (extreme analogy but you know what I mean!) Let’s hope we’ve got a new government and it’s been changed again (for the better) by the time most of us are reassessed.