PIP form, such fun

Aren’t these PIP forms joyeous ! Wonderful for making you feel down right useless. Oh well trudge on with it Krissy

i think it is depressing and soul destroying focusing on how your bad days are.

i always try to be positive but those forms brought it all home to me, yeah you’ve got a nasty, vile disease!!

such fun (said in miranda’s mothers voice of course)

carole x

Yea thats exactly how I feel, its like all my faults and weaknesses are there in black and white so I can’t ignore them. Makes me think "what exactly can I do? " lol erm… I can nod… Oh no wait sometimes that causes an electric shock… Erm…lol you gotta laugh. Its what I call… such fun ha ha Krissy x

I wrote a reply… Dont know where its gone ???

Where are my posts going to ?

Krissy, they probably just went for approval by mods

Me and my husband argued most of the way thru completing those forms! But we did it in the end… just waiting for a reply after my assessment now

Good luck, I could see some of that awful form on screen (my dreadful scrawly handwriting!) when I met with the ASOS lady so yes, take our time over it and write it all down

Sonia x

im waiting for my forms to arrive, Ive printed off the Benefit and claims booklet so Im hoping that will be enough to get me through, liking the fact that they advise asking friends and family that help to write a statement as well. apparently it all helps to build a picture of how much help we need, wonder if I can get the ASDA delivery man to verify that he carries my bags into the kitchen for me. and that I look drunk on a regular basis

in what section of the pip form would you put about reduce sleeping levels. i only get 4 hours solid sleep followed by and hour of disturbance before having to get up. there dosnr seem to be anywhere to put this?

any help would be appreciated. (I’ve not used the forum before x)

Hi Maireanne, welcome to our lovely forum.

You can add separate sheets of your own describing how MS affects you, whether it’s a question on the form of not.

Write Additional Information, followed by your own details (specified at the beginning of the PIP form).

Specify you have non restorative sleep, disturbed several times each night. This results in fatigue & affects concentration, too tired to think clearly and leads to errors, forgetfulness due to your exhaustion.

Good luck, from Chrissie x

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Excellent advice from Chrissie.


Thank you Chrissie. I cant believe how depressing this is writing it out in black and white. And now my husband realising how much I struggle on rather than asking for help. mental fatigue at 200%