PIP form help- change in circumstances

I have been discharged from hospital with MS, I have got a change in circumstances form for PIP,new as just wondering who is the best to help me fill these out, as day to day is different with my condition, mobility one day is poor where I need help getting out of bed, good day, I can mobilise at least 30-40 metres with 2 walking fascia sticks.

They do provide space to write extra but want to be as accurate with the yes or no questions?

Is there people on this site who could assist? Or point me in the right direction?

There are a couple of places you can try for help with the form. citizens advice bureau or Welfare rights (you will get their details on your local council website.)

if you decide to have a go yourself please do not stick to yes or no tick boxes. You must try to describe your difficulties in more detail. The extra space that they provide is insufficient to describe a variable condition so you should feel free to go onto additional sheets just be sure to put your name and NI number on each sheet.

I would advise you to join the website - Benefits and Work. They have an excellent guide for filling in PIP forms, it’s worth reading even if you go to an advice organisation. It cost £20.00 a year.


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Awwww excellent stuff, thanx for the help and advice, it’s appreciated. I didn’t think the tick boxes was sufficient answers so was/is going to write extra just wasn’t sure of the best way, but I at least have a direction now, fanx.

Hi Stillmore if you have someone you can register as a carer with the carers support in your area they give free advice and help and this will give acess to welfare rights I don’t know if things are the same in all areas but in Durham you have to be registered with durham county carers support to get help from welfare rights since some of the budget cuts. Hope this helps and good luck.Sue

I have not registered my partner yet as a carer, thought it would be better to get PiP done first, then carers and blue badge etc. if on lower mobility do you know if you could still get badge?

I am sure I read somewhere that if you have MS, you are automatically classed as disabled?

Hi Stillmore,

I’m not clear what your change of circumstances is. Diagnosis in itself would not be a change of circumstances, as it’s all about what you can or can’t do, not the name of the condition.

Unfortunately, MS certainly does not mean you automatically qualify for benefits - or, in your case, higher benefits. (If only!)

The only place where MS “automatically” counts as a disability (if you tell them) is in the workplace. And that is simply so they cannot discriminate against you - e.g. by sacking you quickly, because of the belief it’s sure to get worse, and you’ll need loads of time off sick.

Diagnosis is not a guaranteed qualifier for anything else, I’m afraid.


MS is a named condition in the equalities act. If you have MS you are automatically protected by disability discrimination statute. Alas this cuts no ice with the DWP. Claiming PIP is all about how the condition effects you and not the label attached to your dx. Some would argue that the very diagnosis should be enough, especially to demonstrate the longevity of your symptoms but it most definitely is not. You need to demonstrate how the symptoms effect your day to day life and describe in detail any variability that occurs.

As for a blue badge - the criteria is not National but set by your local council. High rate mobility will give an automatic blue badge just about everywhere but if you don’t achieve that your council will have some sort of assessment procedure in place. They will have a qualifying distance. If you are unable to walk that far you will be awarded a badge.


Hi there,

When I was assessed for blue badge I was only on standard DLA but got it no bother. Assessment takes an hour and they were very thorough.

I applied for PIP about two months ago and my experience was ok but quite stressful but only took 6 weeks from start to finish.

I filled in the form in a day as didn’t realise there was a deadline to get it in by. Form came in door about a week before I opened it. I just filled in form as honestly as I could but it was very rushed and I thought I had made a right mess of it.

I got an appointment about a week later and I got myself in a right state. The lady that assessed me was very respectful and the appointment lasted just over half an hour. She just went through how it affects you every day. How it varies throughout the day and told them the days I work are the worst. The left side of my body is the worst affected so she did some exercises and also measured round my legs as I have one bigger than the other because of having to compensate for the other.

I got a letter the week after saying there was a delay getting letters from neuro and gp and a week later I got a decision standard for care and mobility which I thought was fair.

I thought I would have to have a reconsideration so was very pleased.

Mags xx

Thank you so much for your response, this has calmed me down a little bit, I am just worrying and trying to put things in place as I am newly diagnosed. Thank you again.

Another question, does anyone get the exemption from prescription cause they have MS? Not because of an income based benefit though.

No, it’s another one that’s not an automatic qualifier (though diabetes is - how crazy is that?)

If you don’t have one of the listed illnesses that qualifies (MS doesn’t) and you don’t meet the income criterion either, the only other way is if you’re too ill/disabled to go out of the house alone.

The only slight good news is that if you happen to have another illness that qualifies, as well as the MS, ALL your prescriptions will be free - not just those related to the condition that qualifies. So if you were unlucky enough to have MS AND diabetes (I know some here have - it’s not uncommon) you’d get the lot free. The same goes for thyroid conditions, I believe.



I wish I could help you with this. My MS nurse filled out my initial form and, having been turned down on application and initial review, I have been seen by welfare rights for review. As I sobbed in her office about how much I struggle, and how work destroys me to the point I have zero life and live in a tip, she said I may not get anything. She suggested that the appeal people look at how I am most of the day. As I am I work for longer than I am awake at home (sleep time doesn’t count) they will say I cope. I am unable to look after personal care, my home, my diet. Most days I am unable to walk upstairs to bed - I have to crawl. Yet, because I work I am probably up the creek.

Sorry to hijack your post. I’m just a tad bitter.

I hope you have more luck than I have.

i also hope that the welfare rights woman was just trying to not get my hopes up.

Tina, I am housebound by the request of physiotherapists for at least till I see them, it’s been nearly 3 weeks already, my left side is very week and if windy outside, the sticks don’t even stabilise me, I would say I am not capable of leaving the house safely, however, after a lot more physio, that might change, just unsure of what might be permanent and what isn’t right now.

Serenjns, thanx for being honest and open, any feedback is good right now, hope your appeal works for you.

Is there anything you qualify for automatically, or I haven’t thought of? My partner works full time, so no incomes based benefits) I’m unemployed.

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head - it matters whether it’s permanent.

Technically, somebody with flu’ might not be able to get out of the house, but obviously this isn’t going to get them free prescriptions for life.

I’ve no idea what the exact wording is, and too lazy to Google, but I think, in effect, your doc would have to certify that this is likely to be permanent. It’s probably a bit premature for that yet. I doubt that you are never going out again by yourself, even if you haven’t for a while. Really, there aren’t going to be that many people it applies to, as many people in wheelchairs still go out independently.

There are some here whose GPs have turned a blind eye to the exact letter, and signed an exemption form anyway, but they’re certainly not obliged to, and I know, speaking personally, I’d feel awkward about putting my doctor in a difficult position by asking - if nothing else, she knows I visit her (albeit rarely more than once a year), and I don’t turn up with a carer, so it’s pretty obvious I can leave the house. I can’t really ask her to pretend she doesn’t know that - even if there’s a possibility she might play along.


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Hi All

PIP is a nightmare, I got mine in Feb 2014,I had to go to Bristol they paid my travel by taxi ATOS ÂŁ80. They passed me as fit to work.

I was awarded a Blue Peter badge,

I appealed and was awarded Enhanced Care and Mobility.

Never give up.


Tina and Graham, thank you sooooo much for your responses. They have both been very useful.

graham do you remember if you applied for the blue badge before your appeal? Xx

I applied for my blue badge before.


Well I best get filling in of the forms then. Thanx