Pip, consultation

Hi Sue, was there more to your message, as it seems to have disappeared? Would love to know what you where going to say about your PIP consultation. LouLou x

Yes Sue, As LouLou says, please do come back & give us details. We can all advise and support you.

Pat xx

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Hiya ,

Can’t understand why it disappeared, took me ages to write it lol,

I’m having a face to face Consultation tomorrow for pip and I’m

Dreading it, I was on high rate mobility indefinitely on dla which

I’m still receiving until pip make a decision, has anyone had a

Consultation yet what do they get you to do?,I did ask for a

Home visit but apparently because my doctor dosnt visit me at

Home I can’t have one ,I’m in a right state with worrying about it,

Sue xx

Good luck with your assessment tomorrow Hope it’s not too bad

Sonia x

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Hope all went well Sue.


you okay hun?

luv Pollx

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Hi Sue, only just seen this and as it;s the 8th today (I checked) so I take it you’ve already been through the pip assessment. I hope it wasn’t too bad for you and you;ve been reassured.

I suppose lots of us on here are on indefinite higher rates DLA mobility/care and awaiting the assessments with dread as our much needed help could be removed.


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Hi Sue, how did you get on, I have been thinking about you and how worried you were the other day. Don’t worry about explaining the finer detail, just hope that you got through the assessment ok. LouLou x

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Hope it went well Sue?

Nina x