PIP claim form

This might be nit picking and thought to be trivial and unimportant but I’ve just been looking through my PIP claim form prior to my appointment with the person who is going to help me fill it in.

Apart from the utter stupidity of some of the questions like “how do you use walking aids” are there different ways of using crutches? Maybe the DWP think they are a fashion accessory, although I must admit there are times when I’ve thought it would be useful to have one for support, and use the other as a weapon! Anyway, I’ve noticed a spelling mistake. When talking about walking and steps it asks about getting up curbs! When I was at school, admittedly a very long time ago it was spelt K E R B.

PIP is supposed to be a credible replacement for DLA?

I wonder if an American company are responsible for our forms

Jan x


To be fair there is a wide range of walking aids. I use two walking poles for stability. My friend uses a walking frame with seat for stability with the seat to sit on for resting. A sight affected person may use a walking aid to sweep to check for obstructions.

One thing that the DWP probably do is not to judge everyone using a walking aid for the same purpose.

i agree with the spelling of curb / kerb.

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As a now retired primary teacher, your spelling is correct! Hmm. I’ve filled that form out - you’d think I’d have noticed! What I do remember is that I repeated myself rather a lot. Specifically regarding my wheelchair use. I have to admit I filled it out myself but my symptoms are severe and I thought they couldn’t not give me it!

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