pip assessment update

Went for my assessment with atos on 4th May got my letter today saying I have been given standard rate in both components I am very relieved I will be reassessed in 2018.

It seems the waiting time is getting less aswell to everybody who is waiting try and not worry.


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I got refused my claim. But when I read through their notes it didn’t come across the way I answered the questions. I found the while think bit of a joke. Like when she asked to remember 3 words. They were pen, paper & keyboard but they were right in front of me so it’s going to be easy for me to remember.

that`s good news.

mine is looming.


That’s great news Anne

Hope you are asking for a mandatory reconsideration ?

And then take it to appeal if you have no joy with the reconsideration.

i’m happy for you

just a daft question, but are we allowed to make a recording of our interviews, only, we could reasonably say that as ms affects our memory, we just want it as a memory aid. i know that it would make me feel a lot more secure about the process. my memory is lousy, i still have to change one of my benefits, off the top of my head, i can’t remember which one?!

wendy x

The words they ask you should not be connected.

When i was in the doctors because of my other neuro illness she asked me to name 3 items, I still cant remember what they were lol…my husband said i only answered one right and kept looking at him for confirmation but they were all unrelated items.

If you failed for that I find it hard to swallow. Well i do find it hard to swallow but you know what i mean.

I am dreading mine, and not sure i am even well enough to do it. I dont use the money for feeding and clothing, but to pay all my employees who do my gardning, cleaning and stuff.

One thing confuses me.

In April 2013, a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment (PIP) started to replace DLA for working-age adults (aged 16 to 64) with a disability, in a controlled and phased approach.

Well i am not working age at 63, (nearly 64). I was retired at 61 lol. So when I am 64 how far over that threshold do they mean.

Is it a few months after my birthday lol?

They need to readjust this I think, as I know all my friends are retired now on pensions at my age.

The age at which you officially retire is changing. It depends on your birthday. You can check it out here:

This is the date at which you can claim your state pension. Many people “retire” early from their employment and begin to claim a works pension but you are still classed as being of working age until you reach state retirement age.

if you apply for PIP before your state retirement age you can continue claiming it afterwards but if you are making a first application after your retirement date (even 1 day) it would be attendance allowance. AA is a similar benefit but it does not have a mobility component so it’s not nearly as good. If you are fast approaching your retirement age and do not yet get DLA or PIP I would suggest banging in a claim ASAP


I am 63 and official retired and on a pension Jane. I am on DLA indefinite so not sure where i fall with this 19 - 64 working age, as I am not working age lol…so what happens to me for PIP assessment? You officially only get it if your working age.

The age range is for new claims.

if you are already claiming DLA or PIP you will continue to be eligible even after state retirement age.

If you were 65 or over on 8th April 2013 you won’t be migrated onto PIP but will remain on DLA. If you are under 65 you will at some point be asked to change over to PIP. As this will not be classed as a new claim (because you were already getting DLA) it will continue as long as you meet the criteria


PS lucky you for getting your state pension at 63 I’ve got a few years still to be messing with ESA

I was declined because the assessor saw me walk. No mention of the fact that I physically cried when moving my arms…just confirmation that I could do it!!

P.I.P. Honestly it gets on my pip, when people who are quite capable of walking and going to work complain when they didnt get PIP for mobility. No one with MS, just someone I know who basically needs to get a life. Can smoke pot all day, and play stupid games on computer is only 23 and hanging about uni until his girlfriend finishes her course. Some how has managed to get ESA, and now applied for PIP, but complaining because he was denied it.

I told this person I know people with MS who cant get PIP for mobility. If you have mobility problems it means you struggle to walk and move around.

Its no wonder the genuine have to suffer in this country sorry really mad over this the fact this person actually applied for it. Jeez if they had been rewarded it I would have gone nuts lol.

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