Pip again

Hi everyone and thank-you for all your private and online input on the assessor is coming to do a face to face on pip application with hubby next week.

just to clarify Stephen was diagnosed as a begin M S 2009 then in 2011 he relapse twice and then diagnosed with Secondary progressive M S. After much deliberation and appealing he got the DLA middle care and high mobility he did tell DVLA and he has a driving medical code on his licence etc

Stephen suffers with a lot of problems day to day but cannot go out without some one with him because of his eyes. when stephen up on his feet his left eye moves slower than his right and when stressed or in crowds both eyes dance and this takes his legs. Heat takes his legs standing still buckles his legs He can do small trips out were he hooks one of his arms with me and use of a walking stick or holding on to the back of his wheel chair and push cart.

he can drive a little when I mean little it’s to his mothers about 1 mile away or to his daughters both have lived in the same house for over 15 years he knows the journey like back of his hand.

if they moved this trip were he drives would end because he would not cope with new ground he cannot deal with other journeys.

cant say I don’t hold my breath while he does the journey but he wants to try he drives an automatic you could say this journey he makes puts him in automatic pilot stage he is used to it still.

has any one lost there mobility allowance on this info would be grateful for your input, I’m just struggling with taking this last bit of driving off him and I’m trying to honest.


Good day Crookes, no offence meant, but one item in your post sticks out a mile, if Stephen has a problem with one, or both, of his eyes, he should/must stop driving immediately, imagine a scenario where a child is hurt because of his driving/sight, would he like a driver to harm his daughters knowing that driver had eyesight problems, better to lose driving than a life, this may seem harsh to you but the truth can hurt, Brian


stephen eye issues when up on his feet

its something to do with his nervous system and spine spasm that come when up on his feet

when he’s sitting down his eyes settle. Sorry for the confusion .

To be clearer

stephen eyes issues is the neurology part that affects his eyes when he puts his body under stress to stand and walk.

in a sitting position his eye settle.