PIP Acronym ideas, Be Creative?

Hi everyone, hope you’re all keeping well or well as can be.

If anyone has any ideas for the PIP Acronym I’m all ears.

Please keep any naughty words used hidden as best you can by the use of symbols such as #%$&£ etc… but also understandable to read and make out what you mean.

Apparently because I can walk more than 20 meters and less than 50 meters before falling over and the excruciating pain that increases with every single step doesn’t’t count.

PIP have taken 50% of my money that I’ve struggled enough to live off. A walking stick is also very painful in my hand and wrist so I don’t use it that much; I spend 99% my time indoors unless I’m at the hospital or the glorified admin clerks also known as GP’s Doctors.

Please be as Creative as you like with your PIP Acronym definitions. Haha

Thanks and take care everyone



I will leave the PIP acronym challenge to others, but at the risk of sounding dull, I do have to raise one serious point.

Take a look at the following website. There is plenty of information about the descriptors.

This is taken from the PIP points system link on the left hand side menu.

‘Reliably, in a timely fashion, repeatedly and safely
An individual must be able to complete an activity descriptor reliably, in a timely fashion, repeatedly and safely; and where indicated, using aids and appliances or with support from another person (or, for activity 10, a support dog). Otherwise they should be considered unable to complete the activity described at that level.’

Therefore, if you were able to walk over 20 metres once during the day but you were unable to repeat it or considered yourself to be unsafe when walking, then you qualify for the points. The 20 metre rule is not binary.

Are you going to begin the appeals process by requesting a mandatory reconsideration?


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Profoundly Infuriating Psychopaths

DWP gives a lot of scope for rude acronyms

Department of Wk and Pcks

PIP was beyond me although i like harebells’s suggestion.

Pretty inconsiderate people…to put it mildly.

Jan x

Peeing In Perpituity

Pain In Posteria

Pointless Insensitive Paranoia