pins and needles

For the last 2 weeks I have developed constant pins and needles in both legs below the knees. I usually have no day to day symptoms (apart from fatigue) although I recently stopped my gilenya as I want to plan a pregnancy. I’m sure my symptoms probably don’t even register with most of you and I feel terrible for complaining but I am really struggling at work as I am a physio so spend most of my day on my feet. My colleagues keep asking if I should be there but it could be like this for weeks so I don’t feel I can take time off. I don’t know whether I should just continue to try get on with things or go and see the ms team although I can’t imagine they will offer any treatment as I can still walk albeit with a some discomfort. I know it is probably all my fault but I have never wanted MS to affect my life choices and as I know I am usually assymptomatic I really don’t want it to stop me going ahead and trying for a second baby. Any advice would be appreciated particularly if you have been in a similar situation.