Pins and needles in legs and then soreness/weakness


I haven’t had a full blown relapse for 3.5 years. I was on tysabri since then and recently (4 months ago) came off to start gilenya/fingolimod.

Since the switch I’ve had a couple of eposodes of severe pins and needs when sitting in the same position for a while, and one time I totally lost the feeling in my lower legs. This evening I had the pins and needs and now my legs feel weak/sore. Has anyone else experienced such symptoms?

I’m really scared that this is disease activity due to gilenya not being as effective as tysabri but I may also be over-reacting!

Thanks for reading.


make sure that your neuro knows about these new symtoms, either via your gp or via your ms nurse.

i’m about to request a change from copaxone and cant help worrying about getting worse.

carole x