pin and needles

hi guys,

today i’m experiencing severe pins and needles in my left side of the head , face and left arm, its really upsetting me, never had them so severe :frowning: x

Hi Sharon,

I had severe (all over) pins and needles for a couple of months ago, really horrid itchy feeling on my scalp too. Found that Gabapentin largely controlled this within a few days of starting to take it.

Kind Regards,


thanks for that mel x

sharon, it could be bell’s palsy

i had that when i as 17. it made the right side of my face droop.

doctor gave me B12 and told me to sit it out.

it puts itself right eventually.

i have also been given thiamide (another B vit) for pins and needles, it worked for a short while but then came my diagnosis of ms.

talk to your doctor and try some vitamin B complex

carole x