Can anyone tell me if any of my tablets have implications for the heart ( having tests at the moment and the consultant wasn’t talkative at all) I take pregabalin, amantadine, perindropril, adcal, ferrous sulphate. I’ve also got blotchy skin on my legs and arms like giraffe print but purple which is worse when I’m cold.

Sorry for all the posts, I’ve just been ignoring everything recently hoping it would go away


Hi Lynn

If I remember correctly, Amantadine can cause the blotchy skin you described. But as far as the heart is concerned I have no idea, I’m afraid x

hi lynn

we call that blotchy skin “corned beef” legs.

sorry but i have no idea about the effect of your meds on your heart.

carole x

As I’m over weight too it’s a very fetching effect!