Pill for MS and FES? anyone

Hi everyone

Can anyone help me advise a friend. Can you please tell me what the criteria is for obtaining pills for MS rather than injections? My friend’s daughter is terrified of needles, she has had MS for a few years now and seems to have a relapse at least once a year.

Also can anyone tell me whether FES is available from NHS, what the waiting time would be and how much it costs to buy it?

Thank you for any information you can give.


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Hi Wendy

My FES is on the NHS - but I think that there is the same old post-code lottery at work. Read the thread on funding for FES
that came up at the beginning of the week, and you will get a hint.

You cannot buy an FES, only rent one. Actually, you promise to hand it back when you stop using it.
The old deal to the NHS was that the testing, unit supply, setting up and checks at one three, six, and twelve months cost about £1600, and an annual check after that was £260. All consumables except batteries were included. Now, there are some extras that you can rent direct from Odstock.

I think that your friend should ring Odstock on 01722-439540, find out where their Kent centre is (they should have someone trained to cover Kent and Sussex) and get her daughter referred to that centre. If the FES works for her, then she can start the fight for funding.

Unless your friend’s daughter has been on Copaxone, she can claim that an interferon has stopped working, and ask to be put on Fingolimod. Copaxone users cannot do this.


Thanks Geoff

Thanks spacejacket

I use an FES unit that my local hospital prescribed to me while waiting for my referral to a specialist FES nurse. That referral was made almost 12 months ago!!! I still use my hospital one when I need it while I’m waiting! It takes a bit of getting used to but it really helps with mobility and fatigue. Have heard its a bit of a postcode lottery though