Piles - MS just keeps on giving

Bl…dy h.ll

I know I had a small pile as often feel down there to encourage my poo. Tonight I had a look in the mirror. I am in total shock about in addiition to 1or 2 small piles my bottom is just a mass of redness on 1 cheek and it hurts - not fair really isn’t I have enough to put up with already

I do have a lovely husband who puts up lot with my MS woes usual bladder or bowel. Showing him my bottom would just be a step too far.

will visit a pharmacy for any otc medication. Anyone any experience?- I searched for piles on this forum ad nothing came up. I can’t be the only one.

i do suffer constipation and on various meds - prucalopride and paediatric movicol. A good bowel day is when I go 3-4 large Bristol 4 in quick succession. Bad bowel day is when I suffer faecal incontinence - luckily not often.

i have just been on holiday for 3 weeks so bowels usually change to constipation side.

At home I eat lots of fibre - porridge with dried fruit and seeds. 1/2 plate of veg with evening meal. Bowl of berry fruit in the evening.

i know I don’t during enough and I really should. But reality is if I drink more I spend more time wetting myself and on the toilet which is very inconvenient

i am seeing a new gastroenterologist in October - is piles and a rashy bottom his field?

i feel like I am writing a new war and peace or rather bowels and wee!!! so,I will leave it there

thanks for reading and any advice appreciated,

Min xx

Hello Min.

See the GP. I ignored all the signs and all hell has broke loose.

Best wishes.

Hi Min,

Bloomin eck you have got a lot going on there and I would definitely go to your GP as suggested by Steve, and tbh sooner rather than later… I speak from experience.

Twinkle Toes x

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if you excuse the pun, it’s a real bum deal you have there. i’m a bit paranoid about my bum because i’m just about managing but i know it can all change within minutes. flowerfairymin, i hope your bum gets better soon.

Aw Min

I have been exactly where you are. Exactly. And have suffered the ignominy of having dropped trousers and pants, been bent over an examination bed in the GP surgery while lovely nurse Liz says to Mr Sssue ‘So what do you think? Is it any better?’ Meanwhile, my ar*e is red raw with a kind of ‘nappy rash’ caused by piles, caused by constipation, caused by XYZ.

The treatment for the rash was Metanium nappy rash cream plus Timodine, a different kind of nappy rash cream. I’m not sure if you can buy them over the counter, definitely available on prescription though. The treatment for the piles was a camera stuck up there and the internal piles were ‘banded’, the idea is that they get starved of blood and thus fall off (I think). It didn’t really work too well.

Ultimately, you need to try an fix the constipation by, if necessary a radical change of diet. And/or perhaps change of laxatives?Maybe see a dietician? The problem is that if you go too far the other way, you can end up with incontinence. Which would be miserable.

What I ended up with was a colostomy. Not to be recommended if you can avoid it. See your GP, try to clear up the horrible rash, try to sort out the piles. Talk to the gastroenterologist about how to sort out the constipation. Digital Rectal Stimulation is to be honest, not something you should end up doing all the time. It doesn’t help with piles or rash. (I know this from personal experience.)

You could also be talking to a bowel and bladder nurse. Maybe try an irrigation solution, there’s one called Peristeen,and another called Qufora. Available on a prescription basis, but you are usually referred to a company who teach you to use them and deliver the products to you. The idea of these is to introduce a load of warm water into the bowel and that is then supposed to ‘wash’ the poo out. Peristeen didn’t work brilliantly for me, but it’s a great answer for many people. Or you could try mini enemas. Or suppositories. These are a bit tricky as they are slippery little devils and if your hands are a bit rubbish they just jump from fingers straight into the loo!!

It’s a horrible situation. It’s quite common I think for us MSers, and something that’s hard to start talking about. Eventually you lose all inhibitions. And like me, get used to people peering at your bum and discussing it as if you’re not there!!

Sue x

Hi Sue - thanks for sharing I am not alone on this one.

Diet at home is high fibre - daily porridge, with golden or brown linseeds and dried apricot. 2 x fresh fruit daily, loads of vegetables with evening meal and a bowl full of berry fruit - this was working ok. Then I go on holiday for 3 weeks and my bowels have gone AWOL. BNO for 4 days now.

When I spoke to my GP about this. She advised me to take paediatric movicol twice daily from once daily. This made perfect sense. But previously when taken twice daily resulted in faecal incontinence. Which is horrible and was scared of getting faecal incontinence again and thought I could cope with constipation better. Obviously not - if I knew my current bottom situation perhaps I would have followed her advice.

Its also,sore in my lady garden - I don’t know whether these 2 are linked

Yes I will see GP tomorrow - how embarrassing is that going to be!!!

I have already got the Peristeen kit. I didn’t feel that it helped as I didn’t get great results. So it’s been put away for now. Also Norilax and sodium docusate.

however I am going to double my paediatric movicol tonight

Thanks to everyone for replying it is a great help.

Min xx

Hi Min (again)

Don’t worry about embarrassment. They’ve seen it all before. And when I used to have to take my naughty bottom to show the nurse, it’s was OK. More embarrassing the fact that the two of them (nurse and Mr S) used to discuss it. I could just imagine the pair of them stroking their chins as they debated whether it was better or worse than the last time they’d seen it. I used to feel like shouting ‘oi, this is my arse your talking about, have some respect!’ But that would’ve only made them laugh.

I now live in an embarrassment free land. A huge (and I mean HUGE) difference from how I used to be. 10 years ago I couldn’t have started to write the post I did earlier. And if you want to more about me, my arse and my colostomy operation (sorry no photos) do a search on ‘my colostomy operation’. It’s a bit warts, sore bum and all! But it’s really the reason why I am so strongly in favour of trying everything to get your bits in regular working order!


Hi Min

I use peristeen and can honestly say that it’s changed a horrible situation around for the better. No matter the diet, the over the counter meds etc, my bum life was a round of continual bum appts, bandings and fissure repairs. Ask for an appt with the peristeen nurse to go through the procedure again, just in case you’re missing something maybe. It may be something simple like not using enough water.

Thanks Mrs H - pleased peristeen working for you. I will go back and use if needed. Normally my bowels are okish Bristol 4 every other day and sometimes daily.

This has all happened due to change of routine on holiday.

i have GP appointment today at 10.30. After which I will take another 2 paediatric movicol

​thanks again

Min xx

Went to see GP this morning. Diagnosed with shingles!!! Just as well I didn’t do my usual I.e self diagnose go and by cream etc from pharmacy and treat myself.

it really was because of the advice that you guys gave me that I went to GP - so THANK YOU

I have tablets to take - antiviral and antibiotics. Also a week off work

GP said should clear in a week.

Thanks again

Min xx

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Blimey, shingle can show up on your bum and ladies bits! I never knew that could happen.

I’m glad you didn’t just try and self treat with nappy rash. It probably wouldn’t have worked!

Get better soon Min


Hi Min,

Glad to hear that you did go to see your GP but flippin eck Shingles, like you haven’t got enough on your plate already and yes, it was a good job that you didn’t self diagnose things this time.

You got plenty of good advice from others that do have, or have had the same/similar problems to yourself but it just goes to show that there’s always some loose spanner hanging around waiting to throw itself into the works.

Hopefully things will calm down for you once the Antiviral & Antibiotics kick in, and also you having plenty of rest too.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Sue,

Yes, apparently Shingles can even show up there - no place is restricted.

My Carer has recently had it there and all on her upper legs too but no-where else!!!

Twinkle Toes x