Pig in Muck?

Hello everyone,

I just thought that you might like to know that after months of fretting and generally feeling sorry for myself, I have now been told that I WILL get a FES!! I had been told in no uncertain terms that our local health trust didn’t believe in them (a.k.a. wouldn’t fund), but yesterday I was told that I am allowed one and that I am on the waiting list to be called up to have one fitted in Sheffield. Thanks to everyone who growled on my behalf!

Take care all,


Fantastic news…any idea how long the wait might be?


Thats great news Moira. I know a few folk who love theirs.

luv Pollx

Hi Moira,

Sorry for being thick but what’s a FES.


So pleased for you Moira, one of our members here in Kent has managed to get it but he and his wife had to fight for it.

I hope it works well for you.


Hello Pip, Poll, Sue,Wendy,

I am still grinning likie a loon after this news but I don’t know how long it might take. I had the impression that it would be pretty quick, but I am sure that this depends on how busy they are in Sheffield. Sue, you asked what a FES actually is. It is a small (mobile 'phone size) power point that latches onto the belt or waistline and attached to this is a wire that travels down the leg (hidden under jeans or trousers) to the back of the knee. A tiny pad is attached behind the knee and the wire carries on travelling down to the foot, where the end of the wire sits under the ball of the foot. The object of this gadget is for the power point to feel when the foot touches the floor, and sends up a tiny jolt to urge the knee to bend. I tried one of these and found it amazing! Without a FES, I walk like Herman Munster, but with one I walk normally and there is far more movement in my top half too. Yippee!

Best Wishes,