Picking a new drug

So long story short, the last scan had new lesions. I am now being offered some more serious drugs.

The list is;

Mavenclad (neuros hot pick)

Tysabri (ms nurses favourite)



least side effects is my priority.

I thought id put this post up to hear if anyone has opinions on this mavenclad, as its the only one if not heard of.

Hi Raymond

I’ve not heard of that one either, so can’t comment on that. But I was on Ttysabri for quite a few years. I had minimal side effects, just being shattered after having the infusion.But I eventually decided to come off it, because of the risk of the big potential side effect: PML. Because I’d been on it for so long, and my level of the JC virus was high, my neuro put me at about a 2-3% chance of getting it. I could have carried on, but I felt that was getting a bit too risky.

What I always say to people when they’re deciding what to go for is that you can always swap if you don’t get on with it.


Hi Raymond

I’ve only been on Rebif so can’t discus Mavenclad, but in case you haven’t found it, the MS Trust’s MS Decisions site has a page on it. Mavenclad (cladribine) | MS Trust

Also, have you seen thier Decisions aid? MS Decisions aid | MS Trust


nice one, thats a good wee page