picc line

Has anybody had a picc line fitted and what can i expect. After 10 years on Tysabri my veins have decided enough is enough. last month it took 9 attempts for the cannula to be fitted and i ended up battered and bruised. this has slowly been getting worse over the last 6 months. Tomorrow i have an appointment with a vascular surgeon to discuss having a picc line fitted, Thanks Simon

Hi Simon, how did it go this morning?

I haven’t got one but wondering why they are suggesting a PICC over a portacath? Do they anticipate you finishing tysabri infusions soon?

PICCs are outside the body, they dangle, can get caught, need to be flushed regularly and need to stay dry. also, due to them being outside (about the length of an IV cannula) they can get infected too.

Portacaths are inserted just under the skin, once fully healed can get wet (so no need to worry when showering, bathing or doing activities).

Might be worth asking why a PICC was suggested over a port, especially if the tysabri use is likely to be ongoing and if not, considering the drug you are already on, if you ever needed to change from tysabri (for eg due to the JCV antibody evels) you are likely to choose another infusion or MAB treatment no? often these need access to veins and also require regular bloods for monitoring.