Photophobia with migraine

I was recently diagnosed in December, had the infusion of methylprednisolone. MRI of head, then spine followed by lumbar puncture. No lesions on the spine loads on the brain ad results came back with the oligoclonal present. Ffw to follow up appointment with neurologist, he doesn’t want to start DMT until I have a flare up and considers I have non active ms. He doesn’t take into consideration I’ve experienced nothing but problems since being discharged from hospital. For the past 10 days I’ve suffered from photophobia with migraine, no have increased facial numbness ( 75%) of my head face is numb. The only relief I get is when I’m asleep! I had to present myself at A and E because my doctors decided I didn’t need an appointment on Thursday when I requested one , the same decision was made on Friday even after 111 clinician spoke to them. 111 then transferred me to out of hours. Was given strict instructions of when I need to go to hospital. So the doctor I saw was lovely and is writing to my neurologist, and wants me to chase it up on Tuesday. Then he’s writing to my doctors, as they refused to acknowledge I’ve been diagnosed with ms. Trust me I’ll be putting a complaint in! If you’ve ever suffered with migraine, you would understand being left with no help of course of treatment to ease your symptoms.