Phoning in sick today, but what to say??

Having a rough time with symptoms and fatigue. Got up for work this morning and just cried uncontrollably trying to get ready. 3 hours after due in work I’m still sat here crying. Can’t bring myself to ring in, there is nobody in charge there, just one boss and he’s never there. I’m really not prepared to discuss such personal problems with any old person who just happens to pick up the phone. Any ideas as to what I say if I phone in?

Just say that you are unwell and cannot come in today; please tell the boss. "Any old person" has no right to question you. If they try, just say that it's personal. If they push further, tell them that you'd rather not discuss it and that you need to get back to bed.

Hope you feel better soon.

Karen x

Hey anonymous

Poor you. I can really sympathise. I've just rang in sick today too and I came home after half day yesterday. I unfortunately have a chest and throat thing which seems to have driven the other symptoms beserk - I was in so much pain yesterday I felt like crying when I tried to walk. 

As Karen has said - if someone else answers tell them the bare minimum. You don't have to share your personal information with them. If they're insisting tell them the manager can call you back and you'll explain to them. 

Hope you get through to someone soon. Rest-up and feel better soon. I'm having a duvet day.



Thanks. Just couldn’t figure out what to say. Feel silly but its hard when you work in that kind of environment. Even if my boss is there I can’t tell him the truth, let’s just say he’s not exactly your sympathetic type! A bit old school and cut-throat, I regularly hear him say if you can’t do your job etc etc. So me ringing in saying I just can’t get going today and can’t stop crying is not going to go down well! But thanks, your right about my colleagues that have no right to quiz me so I’ll take your advice on that one! Feel better soon reemz, duvet day sounds like a good idea.x

Hi Anonymous, until recently I worked for a large national company,
I told them I was sick with bad back which is just one of my symptoms

and they went out of their way to fire me. I was also having problems with

fatigue and cognicence and balance and spasms. I felt too tired and depressed to fight.

Im glad you are wary of your boss ,you need to be or you could end up

work like me. Hope your feeling better.soon. (((hugs)))


That should have read 'out of work"

Hi Frank

If your boss ain’t in ring and say you not gonna b in if you have to leave MSG. If you have to leave message with peers don’t give ins & outs.
How are you now, are you feeling better now. I been on & off here all day as I can’t go out today, relapse got its revenge

Just chill u will b ok


Hi anon

Comp didn’t wanna show all post so in place of hi frank-hi anon. Contents the same hour. You don’t have to explain yourself to a peer, you just tell your boss if there or HR