Phone calls to my grandma

Hi Everybody,

This isn’t to do with MS I was wondering could anyone answer me this please

My grandma is 92 I live with her to keep her company but she gets phone calls at least twice a day from call centres trying to sell something its bad enough when I’m there I just lift the phone but I don’t speak and let them keep saying hello till they hang up. But my grannys not very mobile and hard of hearing its really bothering her she doesn’t know what there talking about trying to sell her anything for car insursance a computer life insurance the list goes on,

I was wondering is there anyway I can stop them (short if pulling out the phone)

She doesn’t want to change her phone number it would be to much hassel for her trying to let her friends know and even remembering a new number.

Many thanks


Hiya Mark,

Look up phone barring service on the internet. That should stop most of the calls.

Just a case of filling in your details


Hiya Mark,

Look up phone barring service on the internet. That should stop most of the calls.

Just a case of filling in your details


Its called TPS


Mark, if you Google Telephone Preference Service it will take you to their web page and you can register your grandma’s number if you have not already done this. Unfortunately it does not catch International cold calls (or it does not seem to anyway) but it will filter most of the UK ones. Very easy and well worth doing.



Hi Mark,

Google Telephone Preference Service (TPS), but it won’t stop calls from overseas call centres - only UK ones.

The other thing is to get caller display, and just don’t answer to unidentified callers. Overseas call centres usually show as “INTERNATIONAL”, without specifying a number. So unless your 92-year-old grandma regularly gets legitimate calls from overseas, this alone should be enough info not to pick up.

There are more sophisticated, programmable forms of call screening/call barring, that enable you to customise to your exact requirements - including in what circumstances you hear it ring. But these are (a) more expensive, and (b) require a certain amount of expertise to set up. Not necessarily technical expertise, but being able to define exactly how you want different types of call to be handled. Since she is 92, simpler (and cheaper) is probably going to be best.

It may involve investing in a new phone, if she doesn’t already have the caller display facility on the existing one. It may also need enabling by BT, and there may be a monthly charge. Mine is free with my package, but I’m not sure that’s true of all available packages.


I have just about cured the same problem…but the solution may not suit everybody.Each time I got a ‘trash call’,I posed as my brother and told them I/he was in hospital, AND eventually I died. The Beloved went as far as hospitalizing me, but hasn’t gone any further whren talking to the ‘Trash’

There is one group of calls at tea time which I ignore, but the rest have stopped.Anybody who really needs to talk to me has my mobile number.

Extreme ,but it has worked


ps No flowers please,just wine gums


I joined the Telephone Preference Service a while ago - there’s a similar one for junk mail called the Mail Preference Service which I also joined. The mail one can take a while to kick in, but it’s worth doing, I don’t get junk mail now, and it’s very rare that I get a cold caller on the phone - if I do, I tell them that I’m a member of TPS and they hang up. I’ve thankfully never had a problem with overseas cold callers.

Good luck

Luisa x

We screen calls now - we got so fed up with too many annoying calls like the ones you Grandma gets.

So we let the answerphone answer the call, and if we want to talk to the caller we pick the phone up. You have to tell everyone that you are doing that but some people don’t like using an answerphone so it may not be the best approach. But we do have a lot fewer unwanted calls as they usually put the phone down before the message ends.

The other thing we do is to have cordless phones around the house. So I don’t have to wobble dangerously to answer the phone and find out I did’t want to talk to them anyway! I keep telling my Mum to have more than one and have one where she usually is but she doesn’t have to rush half way around the house to get to it, but she doesn’t!

We joined the TPS years ago and we only get international cold calls now. We have a caller id phone,it was from Argos and not expensive so they show up as nternational and unless I’m expecting a call from the Aussie relies,I don’t don’t answer them and most have given up.

The odd times I have picked up the phone I’ve just said I don’t give that information out over the phone,and that’s too ‘hello is that Mrs.Broushka?’

and put the phone down.

Hopefully the TPS and caller id phone will put an end to it.Merry Christmas to you both,xxjo

Mark, After reading your post and the replies l decided to google the TPS and MPS for me and also for my elderly mum [88] as l do get fed up with the persistant calls and piles of rubbish that come through the letterbox. l did do it some years ago - but it has not made any difference. So l was surprised

when l did it on-line that l am still registered with the TPS/MPS. But of course the TPS does not have any effect on ‘overseas’ calls. l can usually tell if its going to be one of those calls and l just put the phone down on the side and leave it for a while till they give up. lts not worth getting into any conversation with them.

l was helping a friend move house last week. During the ‘unpacking’ her mobile phone rang and someone said they were from HSBC - her bank - and started to ask for her details. l quickly told her not to speak to them-so she put the phone down then rang her own branch and asked why they were ringing her. They told her she did the right thing as they had not been in touch. You have to be so careful.


Thanks for all your help like Frances said someone must have done it before no one remembers but I went on to the TPS website to register but when I put in my phone number its says its already registered I got her a phone with caller display and told her when unavalible comes up don’t answer it and if its important they’ll leave a message.