Phone call from DWP

I have just had a phone call from the DWP long and short of it is I was placed in the WRAG before Christmas & subsequently went for my interview the day after Boxing Day the guy there couldn’t believe I’d been placed in this group!! However when the decision was made I appealed their decision and thought I would have to go through infront of a tribunal. The gentleman that just rang wanted to clarify a few things on my ability for doing certain things which I in turn gave answers for. He then said that this wouldn’t be going to go to tribunal appeal and I have now been placed in the support group!! A weight off my mind I can tell you.

Well done Bambi19. Its a nightmare the whole process, its bad enough having disability without having to prove why one cannot work due to illness associated.




Excellent…We like good news

Wb x

Well done waiting with baited breath for mine , had medical 27th dec, got brown envelope this morning was shaking when opening turned out it was a cold weather payment WHEW

Well done mate glad all good for you


That’s great news, well done that lady… xxx

Great news…but why the chuff do they put us through all this angst, we can certainly do without, eh?

luv Pollx