Petrified (not MS)

Hi everyone,

I have got my 12 week scan tomorrow and am sooooo worried. Firstly I am fat! I am worried that they won’t even be able to see baby through my tummy fat, secondly that the person who scans me will be horrible and more importantly that they won’t find a heartbeat-or that baby isn’t developing properly. I am just getting so worked up and I know I will just be a mess tomorrow. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Emma xx

Hi Emma

Ah, bless you. The scan will work whatever size you are, I promise. I know someone who had a baby and she was very large (in fact you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant) and her scan worked just fine so I know it makes no difference. Secondly, the radiographer (I think that’s what they are called) will be very pleasant and will be able to put you at ease. Thirdly, I can’t guarantee there will be nothing wrong with the baby, after all that is the point of the scan but I’m sure the percentage of scans that show up such problems is very small. Please relax and try to enjoy your pregnancy. Just look forward to getting a picture of your little one, I think it’s fairly routine to offer one now.

My ‘baby’ boy turns 21 on Thursday so I’m very envious of you at this stage. I can just about remember all the excitement and I still wonder where all the years have gone . When I was pregnant there was only one scanner in the hospital which could do photos so they wouldn’t offer them to anyone because it wasn’t fair as they could only do them for one-third of mums. I had to wait until Jamie was born to get a pic of him.

Tracey xx

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Hi Emma,

I can assure you it doesn’t matter what size you are you get a perfectly good scan. I had 3 girls and I think I went up a stone with each one.

As Tracey said the radiographer will put you at ease. But you will be so engrossed on the screen everything else just washes over you. It’s such a lovely moment seeing your baby for the first time. I still remember seeing the scans and my babies are 35, 33, and 26.

I went with my daughter when she had a threatened miscarriage ( her partner was off shore) and we really didn’t know if there was anything there and it really was magical to see the baby and watch his heart beating. We were in tears.

Enjoy the scan, you are meeting your baby for the first time! How lovely!

Mags xx

Oh Emma, try not to worry. Your scan will be absolutely fine whatever size you are & the radiographer will soon put you at ease, she certainly wouldn’t want you to be worried. I’m dead jealous never had a scan with my two boys, 35 & 33 years ago! It will be wonderful to see your baby, bet you can’t take your eyes off the screen!

Enjoy yourself!

Rosina x

Try not to worry about your weight or anything else your first scan is a magical thing. If you have time plan your day to be as relaxed as possible, no rushing to the supermarket for some groceries or the way there or not giving yourself enough time to get parked and into the unit on time. You will be fine and so will your baby and tomorrow you get to see her/him for the first time.

I been fortunate enough to attend scans with my son and his partner, they are expecting another girl in December. We had a 4D or is that 3D scan last week and the little minx turned her back on us we did get a couple of good pictures though.

Best wishes Jan xx

It’s an amazing time for you Emma. Try not to worry away the excitement of seeing your little bundle of joy for the first time. Your weight will make no difference at all to the scan. I really hope you manage to enjoy the experience. My babies are 27 and 28.

I will be thinking of you and am looking forward to hearing all about it.

Shazzie xx

Thank you everyone…you were all right. I was worrying about nothing. Baby ok, measuring 13 weeks…was such a relief and am just so happy now…can’t stop looking at the pictures! xx

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So so so pleased Emma. Wonderful news.

Shazzie xx

That’s great Emma. Really pleased for you. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy

Tracey xx

Jan x

just catching up and was sad to read your thread, but then happy to read everything went well.

enjoy the rest of your pregnancy hun.

luv pollxx

just catching up and was sad to read your thread, but then happy to read everything went well.

enjoy the rest of your pregnancy hun.

luv pollxx

sorry for the repetition…but it`s 3 times as nice!


I have never had a baby but as the father of three children 38 34 and 24 years of age and grandfather to three grandsons I have been around pregnant women most of my adult life and worry/concern is natural and I hope all goes well.