Petit Mal

Not sure what happened to my post but this: Today, at work in front of a colleague I had a seizure. I was explaining a task and suddenly I could not talk and I was making babbling sounds. I am finding it hard to be comical about this, perhaps it is too soon. I was swaying my head and apparently totally looked out of it, totally blankness and uncontrollable rocking etc…Sounded like I was making howling noises almost like a cerebal palsy patient as well as doing rasberries. It was so terrifying and humiliating. Argh. Should have peeed my pants to top it off. HA.

I feel wasted, sore and scared poopless that I am going to lose my job. I can’t reveal my profession, however it requires poise and general wellness. Today, I was anything but poised and fit.

Does this happen to you? Please share. I am scared I will loose my job. Le sigh. It happened on the tube the other day as well. It was humilliating.

I would certainly hope that they will understand the situation. Epilepsy is a bit of a bugger but if the folk understand, they surely cannot sack you for it. It can be a real rotten thing to deal with especially if you get no warning of an episode coming on. I don’t know whether you have a bracelet or whether you have made the people you work with aware of the condition, if they know how to deal with it, it can take the scare factor out of it.

Best of luck and try not to stress - easier said than done.


Hi, well ok, they can’t just sack you for that, so get all thoughts of that out of your head now. Have you seen your gp, he may be able to help or at least refer you to someone who can. is it possible that any adaptations could be put in place to help you. Without knowing the full details of your condition or what your job is I can’t really comment any further, sorry. I guess that if this meant you could not carry out your job long term and you could not be helped to control it then, yes, I suppose in time, if the company followed their procedures they could replace you but all other options would need to be explored first, including seeing if their was an alternative job you could do. Sounds like you are a long way from this stage though so, don’t worry for the moment. I wonder if this is the first time this has happened at work, if I saw someone like this Imy thought would be concern for the person so I hope your colleagues are being understanding towards you. Cheryl:)

Just a final thought, 80% of people with epilepsy can have control over their epilepsy with medication!

Hi Guys,

I thinks I mislead you. I have RRM MS - I have had it for about 4 years now… So yeah, it was MS painful spasming and tremors… and slurred speech/shouting.

Sorry for misleading you. xtttd

not a problem at all, is this something that happens when you are particularly tired, things get a wee bit silly when I am tired


Hi, does your gp know about these symptoms, they may be able to help. Does your work know you have ms? Does anything make these symptoms worse, if so is it possible to avoid that thing. Also if you are RR I guess this might be a relapse and will clear up. For the moment, your job is not an issue, they can not sack you for this. Cheryl:)

I think you should consider telling your employer that you have RRMS and then if anything like it should happen again they would know the cause. It must have been frightening for them to watch.

I remember having a myoclonic jerk when I was visiting my nephew and it scared the living daylights out of him.

I agree with the others, see your doc’, MS nurse or neuro, it seems that our med’s are not doing the job for you.

Take care and good luck. Be thinking of you.

Janet x

I started having seizures in september it just come out of the blue, could see speak I wet myself, got rushed to A&E I was supposed to see a new neuro in nov, she didnt turn up for clinic, hoping she will in march, I dont know what they are

Thank you so much for all of your replies. Ially - I am really sorry about your seizures. They are scary.

I informed my job that I had MS on the first day (I have been at this post for 2 years now). I haven’t had a day off since I started, however on two occasions I have had to go home.

I saw my Nurse today and she is writing to my Nuero in order for my appointment to be brought forward.

I am a professional with a well respected job - I feel a bit like a failure; I am aware that it is silly to feel like this.

I have been on 2700mg of Gabapentin, 150 dosulipin and copaxone for sometime now. I haven’t had a relapse in a year or so, so perhaps this is a relapse and in that case I should just wait it out.

Thanks guys, it is so great to have someone to talk to. MS can be allienating and a total pain in the behind.

I am getting it all out in my blog and in my artwork at the moment…

Also there are some great radio programmes on Etta James, Bob Marley etc on Radio 6.


If you want any support about seizures talk to me. I have epilepsy. I’ve been fully controlled since 1998 so I am a good advert for taking the tablets. Gabapentin is one AED (AntiEpileptic Drug), by the way. I assume at a higher dose that one you are using, but I don’t know about that really.

If you want to do some epilepsy research the best two sites I have found are for the charities Epilespy Action ( and Epilepsy Society (

You’ll find lots of reassuring information and support on the forums about the ‘joys’ of having seizures. Especially exactly where you least want them to happen. I had all mine in my sleep so that’s less embarrassing, though scary if you are away on business sleeping on your own for the first time since diagnosis.

take care