PET scan - anyone had one?

Hi everyone quick question for you all - have any of you been referred from the neurologist for a PET scan??

Me personally - no.

You swallow a tiny amount of a radio-active substance, and the scanner records the emissions from your body. No, you will not glow in the dark, and the scanner is a lot less claustrophobic than an MRI, but it does seem to show the state of different tissues. Have you looked at the NHS page on PET Scans:

Think of them as getting another opinion from another specialist (who just happens to be a machine.


It’s just the neurologist didn’t really explain why he was sending me for the pet scan so I just assumed it was something that was routinely done. It was only when the gp spoke to me and said that it’s probably to check to see if there’s not something more serious going on

I had one initially to investigate leg giving way before MRIs.

I’ve had MRIs already and just had lumbar puncture (never ever ever having another one as it was horrendous)! Waiting for VEP and SSEP next week and just waiting for the appointment for the PET scan. Gp said that I’ve got something going on with my liver as keep getting abnormal liver function test results. Gp mentioned that the neurologist maybe doing the PET scan to check for liver etc

Hi, not heard of a PET scan. Just wanted to say Im right with you on the never again will I have another lp` line. Mine was horrid recently too.

Good luck with the tests.

luv Pollx

How are you doing now after your lumbar puncture poll? I still have absolutely horrendous pain in my back and not sure if this is right

Hi Karina, well my headache lasted 5 days and the back pain left me yesterday. Compared to some, my problems were short lived.

Hope your`s are too.

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Hi Karen, my headache left me after 5 days and the back pain went yesterday. By reading some posts, I got off quite lucky.

Hope you are soon better too.

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