PET scan - anyone had one??

Hi everyone, Want to ask a quick question to see if any of you have ever had a PET scan?

Pet Scans are used usually alongside X-rays and MRI’s and tell us more about the areas of the body that are functioning. Its used usually in cancers or planning treatments or neuro-degenarative conditions. The NHS website is actually not to bad and gives you some info.

Has the neuro arranged one for you and if they did they explain why?



ps hope you’re feeling better after your LP today.

Just read what you wrote on DebC post so that makes sense why they’re doing the PET scan. Stay strong as you said your mother had a good way to put these things.

I really hope your PET scan comes out fine and its not anything serious. Will be keeping everything crossed for you.

Hope you haven’t got long to wait till the appointment.



Got a while to wait as the neurologist is on holiday until 30th August and the hospital has a question on the referral so can’t arrange the scan until they speak to him so probably another 3/4 weeks to wait until I get it. Consultant didn’t explain it, gp kind of hinted round it but didn’t want to say too much and the neuro at the hospital mentioned it briefly

Bad timing for your neuro to be away. Maybe once he’s back he can put some pressure on to get it done a little quicker as 4 weeks sounds quite long to wait. Its bad enough being in limboland with ? MS but this must be very difficult. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling.

Keep us posted on how you get on and if you need anything hope you know we’re here.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.



Thanks Reemz you’re a star! I’ve booked in privately for an appointment with the neuro on the 10th September by which time the results for my lp should hopefully be back. Got my VEP and SSEP on Wednesday next week so those results should be back in time too and also the blood results that they took before the lp should be there. So at least I will be able to see him privately to go through all of them and then it’s a case of waiting on the PET scan and then waiting for an appointment with him through the nhs for those results. But I’m hoping that on the 10th September that I will be at least one step further!