Pet owners.....not MS

This is so sad - most of us have pets so do know the heartbreak when this happens.

Yesterday, my friend was telling me that her little westie has been very ill with lungworm. Apparently, is rife at the moment - spread by slugs and snails. The little dog is being treated with a high dose over 5days of Panacur. So all pet owners beware - now l do ‘worm’ my animals regularly but not with Panacur - so l am going to see if the wormer l have been using -Drontal - does the same thing as Panacur and Advocate.

This little dog never goes out of her garden - so its not passed by other dogs - and you can’t see any sign of it in their droppings. l think it is only under microscope that it can be detected. Most vets have a big poster up - warning pet owners.

l know that donkeys are prone to get this - as well as dogs/cats.


i’m so very sorry, i was about to reply to the danger caused by lillies then saw your 2nd post about him dying.

i filled up before i read the 2nd part, tears have been shed.

carole x

so sorry about yor cat

they become so much part of the family,

thank you for posting about the danger of lillies. I’m going to look up the other plants


Very sorry to hear your news; been a cat-servant for years, so understand what you’re feeling, I think.

Thank you all. He had another funny turn on Friday. We took him to the vets within half an hour. He was given another steroid, anti biotic and vit b injecton and immediately perked up. Even during Saturday there was no indication that anything was amiss. Then at quarter to eight, he wandered into the living room, said hi to us, rubbed legs and looked happy and content. He walked back through to the conservatory and a couple of minutes later there was a vile scream. daddy ran through and started cuddling him on the floor, shouting ring the vet. He was motionless with wide eyes and open mouth. I rang the surger to get the on call number and by the time I got it, Chris was crying and said, it’s too late, he’s gone. The whole thing was probably two minutes. The vet says he had a heart. His little body just couldn’t fight the infection from the toxin anymore. I cannot find words to describe the hole that he has left and the hurt I feel. Catherine Xx

Heart attack that is…

I am so sorry for your loss, hugs and condolences to you and Mr H.

Laura xx

Very sorry indeed to hear this. Alison x

Oh Catherine,

I really am sorry…pets mean more than people realise…Hugs for you and Mr H


This news is so tragic and I’m so terribly sorry for your loss :frowning:

We have a cat and a chihuahua and they are our babies. I almost bought a bunch of lillies from Aldi the other day and I’m so glad I didn’t now. Best wishes and warm hugs to you at this awful time.

Lyn x