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Peristeen evacuation problems

Does anyone else have problems with incomplete evacuation after using Peristeen? I find it necessary to use a sodium phosphate enema (Cleen or Fleet) to complete the evacuation. I use around 700 - 750ml of water.

Hi, I’ve used Peristeen for about 5 years and do it every day. I use it because my muscles don’t work properly rather than for constipation. I used to find that I didn’t feel as if I’d fully emptied and would feel the need to do it all over again. What I’ve started doing recently is use the 700-800ml of water, wait 15 mins or so and then top the bag up and use another 300 ml approx. This seems to avoid the necessity to do the whole procedure twice at different times of the day,

I’m not sure what the experts would say but this method seems to be working for me. Hope you find a solution too.

Hi, thank you so much for your reply. My bowel is very inactive without assistance. Do you find that you retain some of the extra 300ml of water? I would be hesitant to introduce more water as my bowel also has a problem with evacuation of water.