perimenopause and im only 27!

im 27 yeaars old and for the past couple of months been having the hot sweats such a nasty temper and everything wont go into everything been back and for to the drs andy finally 2 weeks ago had some tests and today got told they think im in early stages of the menopause! im bloody 27 me and my husband have been wanting another baby for a couple of years now and we have tried but nothing happened then had to go back on my dmts because of wopping releaspes! i just feel like utter sh*t now esp on my husband dr has forwarded me for an emrgancy appointment to see a speacislt and to see if whats gonna go on from now im soo heartbroken im 27 and starting the memopause!


I’m in the same boat. I’m 39 but still feel too young to be facing the menopause. They’ve told me it’s Perimenopause but they have been since

My period stopped about 2 years ago and the mood swings are here but they’ve been here since my diagnosis to be honest. I had been on Mitoxantrone (to help rid me of relapse after relapse, which it did thankfully). I was warned this could be a side effect but never thought it would actually happen.

They’ve given me Alendronic Acid tablets (one per week). Trouble is these tablets are usually given to women in their late 50s or more and they don’t have any info really on how long to keep me on them-I’m a work in progress lol.

Denise xx

Oh honey (((gentle hugs))). I’m reading a wonderful book at the moment that might be of some help to you - ‘Woman Heal Thyself’ by Jeanne Elizabeth Blume,

I’m not sure if it’s out of print - I bought my used copy from Amazon - highly recommended for all women but it specifically addresses the issues you are facing.

She also has a website -


Ah love, feel sorry for you and hubby. 27 is soo young for the change. Hope the they can do something to stop it and also hope you can add to your family.
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