Peoples Experience of brainstem /Medulla leisons?

Hello there,
Ive Recently been diagnosed with CIS with the leison located in my medulla.

Im curious to know other peoples experiences and symptoms if they have had a similar leison.
I have balance problems, dizziness, twitching eyes, tight chest and a right sided weakness for over 18 months (only recently sought help). I can still manage day to day functioning quite well however the weakness is very noticable on exertion.

Also what is peoples experience of flare ups? How long do they last? What triggers them off for you?

Also i know the brainstem is pretty dam important and so low down can short circut any connections. Do i need to be worried about heart and breathing problems? I guess im trying to figure out how do i know when its a full relapse and not just a flare up, as i get most symptoms.

Thanks for reading and any response in advance :slight_smile:

I’m getting a heart ultrasound shortly. Not sure if it’s a primary MS thing or secondary because I can’t get CV exercise like I used to, but worth getting your heart checked out too - particularly if your chest is starting to feel tight. Tell your GP in the first instance :+1: